Gift Shop Memories – Haibun – January 17, 2015

© A Mixed Bag 2014

Clearing out the old ladies apartment was of course a sad event.  She’d spent so many years in the flat that it seemed that part of her spirit must have stayed when she passed on.

In the living-room, with its old furniture, still in mint condition, there was a wall to wall many tiered knick-knack shelf.  All the souvenirs from her rare trips to Venice or Rome were mixed up with the objects her children and grandchildren had brought her from places like the Seychelles or Los Angeles. Her grandson had just recently given her a toy Mummery & Fudger truck from London. It was in the place of honor on the shelf.

gift shop memories
on a wooden knick-knack shelf
an old woman’s life

© G.s.k. ‘14


14 thoughts on “Gift Shop Memories – Haibun – January 17, 2015

  1. This reminds me of those things of my MIL’s which I still need to go through.
    Even after a year I find it difficult to believe her absence is real…
    And yet she is as you say ‘still with us’ in our hearts.

    Since I am so technically challenged I just sent a photo I took of Ben Franklin to Al and he used it for the current Haibun Thinking 🙂


    • So true … the image of nick-knack shelves brings back to my mind all the little triumphs and memories of a person … like photographs … there’s a story, but often we don’t know what that story really is about.

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