Sunday Whirl – January 26, 2015


It might be trite to say
That my aim is miles away
From scorching other bloggers
For the way they spell their words.
I don’t have a Nazi spirit,
Not even for spelling mistakes
Maybe I just have a mind
That likes a harmonious chime.
I won’t sign my life away
If you spell daye for day ..
For I consider the land where you live,
Besides once, that spelling was right.

© G.s.k. ‘15

trite, aim, miles, scorch, spell, spirit, words, maybe, chime, mind, sign, land

Sunday Whirl – Worlde Prompt.

13 thoughts on “Sunday Whirl – January 26, 2015

  1. You’re a better person than I am — my grammar isn’t perfect — but those simple its/it’s and to/too errors drive me a bit batty! (Battier?)

    Great write — reads so naturally too — as always! I doff my hat! 😀


    • Lol … I know what you mean … and of course, I’m not talking about not giving a friendly nudge to a friend for those “typos” … I was talking more about the color/colour sort of thing … there are subtler words that can be spelt/spelled (the British use spelt, but the Americans and it now seems the Canadians use spelled – spelt being a sort of grass or grain) differently … but for which some of the less discerning Spelling Nazi’s don’t seem to be aware of, being hide bound to their own culture.

      Unfortunately for me, I’ve been living in Europe for well over 40 years and have more often than not read my books in British English, but I learned to spell in the U.S.A. the British mix has hopelessly contaminated my spelling (not to speak of my grammar) add that to my tendency to go phonetic where there are no phonics (another pollutant in my language pool is the very phonetic Italian) and I can come up with some humdingers! I’m now using Google Chrome, which advises me when a word isn’t “English” today I’m using Canadian English (I accidentally put my browser in Japanese in order to read the translation of a comment!) and have just discovered that they spell color – colour … wonder what else is different by just crossing the border!

      Oh me oh my for mixed up Anglo-Saxon!

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      • Oh, Google Chrome and MS Word drive me nuts with their “suggestions” — they don’t like Kristjaan’s spelling at all, and I’ve changed the “elt” to “elled” and the “our” to “or” just to get rid of the @#$@$# red lines — they drive me INSANE. Tsk tsk.

        You have MY respect, dear – I have enough problems with just American English – having to deal with world English AND a second language would push me over the edge. o.O


        • LOL … know what you mean about the red lines … I cheat and that’s one of my problems … I add the our/elt etc to the dictionary … which of course is absurd because it means I cross over into the netherworld of International English.


          • I’ve done that on occasion too. My dictionaries have all kinds of odd Japanese terms now because of CDHK! And people’s names … and LOL’s and stuff …. !!!! Japanglish? Englanese? o.O

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          • Yeah … I looked up a Japanese phrase to comment on a Japanese writer’s post. Then of course he/she answered me in Japanese … so I wanted to see what was said .. I tried to Goggle but got lots of little squares … so I went to my browser setting and added Japanese … well … I still read in English but I could also Google the comment. Problem was that this morning my browser was in Japanese and I had to figure out where settings was and languages to go back to English …. O.o


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