Morning Haiku and Waka – January 28, 2015


Western Haiku:

sitting at this keyboard
words flow forwards and backwards
then suddenly, lost!

connection lost
wondering why I even bother
a crow caws at dawn

grumbling in the air
this early morning concert
farts, coughs and starts

Japanese Haiku:

dawn breaking
over the eastern sky
the cats meow

old pond
frozen pink lily-pads
no frogs jump

snow flakes
crystal white gems falling
skidding cars

 © G.s.k. ‘15

I’ve written these two series of haiku, the western inspired by Jack Kerouac written by HA at Mindlovesmisery’s Menagerie and the second inspired by Chèvrefeuille’s Carpe Diem Haiku Kai writing techniques post dedicated to “surprise”  that lovely little cutting phrase or a-ha that should wake your reader up. I enjoyed Chèvrefeuille’s comparison of the haiku with impressionistic art … in fact, more than a snapshot, a haiku should be an impression of what’s been seen.  A lovely idea!

55 thoughts on “Morning Haiku and Waka – January 28, 2015

        • Probably a wise decision … I find that I lose concentration writing on paper first … I prefer to type my work out … so now I type it on word before going to the editor …I used to do it the other way around … sometimes it has been a real disaster as suddenly the editor disappears!


  1. Great set. I like how you portray the difference in styles of the traditional and western haiku by accomplishing both the prompts in a single post. 🙂
    You have a knack of providing a careful glimpse of the images in your words.

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    • I do so agree … I’ve taken to writing in word and copying to the editor … my problems is less the computer than my internet connection and funny things that can happen with the WordPress editor.


    • Thanks … it wasn’t easy to create a separate mood for the two very different type of haiku … it’s was difficult making a mood switch in a very short time!


  2. You do Kerouac so well, Georgia but your Japanese series…wow! Issa is smiling in surprise:) truly enjoyed this. I have not had time nor mind into following many prompts but reading your post, cara, inspires me back to life:)


    • Thanks so much Cheryl-Lynn … I know you have so much on your plate … and winter is a dreary time of year, especially with all the snow and cold you get. As usual, I’ve been having connection problems … ergo the Kerouac series … and when the old pond came to mind … well, I couldn’t resist! Hope all’s well! A huge hug … x x

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  3. Right now I’m imagining Kerouac reading these aloud — oh yes, he’d definitely approve! And your Japanese series is wonderful too — the frozen lily pads are great! Depending on the reader’s mood it can be either humorous or sad ….!

    Nicely done 😀


    • Wow … thanks Jen .. the Kerouac poems are more spontaneous of course … a rant about Internet connections and WP, fresh on my mind at that moment 😉 the second series took a bit of stepping back and cooling down … when the old pond came to mind I thought of a pond we have in one of our parks here in Arco … full of water-lilies (and frogs too!) and there you go! And I agree, it can go either way depending on one’s mood.

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          • Ayup!

            BTW, vet with Farf didn’t go so well. Her congestive heart failure has progressed to a “5” on a scale from 1 to 6. She was fairly perky .. But it’s just a matter of time … tough decision in the future….


          • Oh … I’m so sorry to hear this .. I really wish I could be nearer, know you’re a strong lady, but this is always a sad decision to make and it leaves one so sad. I’m glad though that at the moment she is perky … and not in pain!


          • Thanks Georgia —

            We’ve known it’s coming …. but the steady progression isn’t easy, even still. But today’s visit put these weird last few days into context. And someone else is still in denial …. frustrating. 😦


          • Tough enough having to make the decision — but then I’ll be the bad guy in the end too. 😦

            What was worst of all — there was a dog there who was in the end stages, on her way to be put to sleep. Coughing, hacking, just terrifying. I don’t want Farf to get that bad. And it reminded me of my own lung surgeries — not being able to get enough air — and thinking of Farf going through that is heartbreaking.

            But here I am rambling. Sorry.


          • Ah darn … I’m so sorry … it is so hard to make that decision and then to have to be seen as the heavy is too bad!

            You aren’t rambling at all. You know what has to be done and no one can stand then in their holier than thou attitude saying you’re a heartless creature. All I can do is send you a hug and my understanding, it’s not much I know when you’re in a maelstrom, but if you need to you know I’m hear to listen. Hugs.

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          • Thanks so much Georgia 🙂
            Was talking about the vet report and what needed to be done and how she would make it known … And the response? “Let’s not be in a hurry, now….”

            Are you $hitting me?!?!
            Oh well.


          • when Maao was so ill he couldn’t eat and could hardly walk, the man suggested that Maao would probably want to go off and die … suggesting that he’s go out in the fields and not come back home. That’s when I decided it was probably better to take him back to the vet.

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          • Wow. That’s …. that’s …..

            Yes, much better to take Maao to the vet and let the poor creature die with a minimum of pain and with a maximum of dignity.

            I don’t say it lightly either. When I’d had 3 cancer recurrences in one year we talked about my situation in depth. I would rather die with dignity and before I got to be in horrendous, unbearable pain. It should be a human right. And I think people who let animals suffer through it are being cruel because they don’t want the responsibility for making the decision.

            But what do I know, right?


          • I have to agree with you, though having taken that responsibility onto myself I can understand who would rather pass it on to someone else, though I would still make the same choice I did that day. When he passed he had me with him and he wasn’t afraid, alone and in terrible pain. From what you’ve just written to me here, I’d say if there is someone who is qualified to understand the situation that’s you. And to think that theoretically anyway, my hubby would agree with you 100% … but to him that (going off to die alone) was allowing Maao have his dignity … go figure.


          • Oh, I’d LOVE not to have to make the decision.

            Guess I can sort of understand where your hubby’s coming from — perhaps it’s a “male” point of view — that “I’ll do it my own way, I don’t need your help, and no one needs to see me suffer” kind of thing. But — what if Maao had fallen prey to another hunting creature out there? No dignity in that. Like you said, agreeing theoretically — but differing in method/ interpretation.


          • Yes … I do think it might be a male thing actually … but then it was his male theory that also put Maao in the way of the illness he contracted. If he’d been a house cat and not gone roaming the wide world .. he never would have come into contact with the virus that killed him … but he was probably happier to roam in the evenings … and he was neutered … it’s just a thing that gets passed on through cats .. and don’t know how it works but the immunological system cuts out .. my vet called it cat aids.

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          • I’ve heard of that before —- it’s heartbreaking. 😦

            Perhaps the mindset (roaming cats) is a product of the time, too …


          • I don’t know … we’d had another cat who just never came home one day and that tore me up too wondering what had become of him but after this second experience I decided NOT to take in a new cat. He was neutered by the way so he wasn’t out chasing the ladies … oh well …


          • We had a cat once who disappeared for about a week …. then came back limping … long story, but we had to put her down. This was an outside cat – mom wouldn’t allow them in the house and dad grew up on farms – so …..

            But after Farf goes I don’t think I want another dog for a long while. You know who’s been talking about getting one though. And I know I’d love the dog … but … just not ready yet.


          • Don’t worry really. It’s completely understandable feeling the way you do in such a terrible situation … and needing to express those feelings.

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  4. Not only do I lose words, I do the prompt and forget to post it! I really get your first one, lol. Beautiful work with both sets of Haiku. I do like the fewer restrictions of Kerouac’s western Haiku


    • I’ve written post and forgotten to link them, title them, sometimes I click publish instead of save draft … a bit scattered I suppose. I’m happy you enjoyed the sets … I think there’s something special in each one of them … and I’d rather write, western haiku than senryu 😉


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