Their Old Friend – January 31, 2015

They walked down the lane, golden leaves rustled in the wind … the sky reflected the sadness that laden both their hearts. A steady drizzle, like their tears, pitter-pattered on the pavement.  He put his arm around her shoulders and drew her closer to him under the umbrella, she leaned into him. Their pace was slow, as though a few more years had been added to their already long lives.

When they got back home, she went into the kitchen to put on a pot of coffee. She brought a tray with some cookies and coffee into the living room.  They sat on the couch.  She pulled out an old photo album, there he was, their old friend.

Broken sentences … So rambunctious! Used to love his food and what a voice he had! Poor guy, couldn’t even eat in the end.

“I’ll take his stuff out to garage when we finish here.” he said “I’ve already gotten rid of the litter box. There’s just his scratching post and a few toys left.”

The sun set, the rain continued.



This is part of a writing experiment that I started back in 2013 … and got side-tracked from.  What I wanted to do was draw with words … a word sketch or perhaps fuse poetry with prose in a prose poem that tells a story.  This is an edited version of the first attempt, which can be found following the date link at the top of the page.

26 thoughts on “Their Old Friend – January 31, 2015

  1. Awww…… this breaks my heart 😥

    Was thinking about this the other day — some day we’ll be rounding up Farfel’s bed and toys; getting rid of the food dish; giving away the dog food and the dog treats.

    Or perhaps we’ll leave her bed right where it is. I don’t know.

    Really felt this one — glad you finally shared it. 🙂


    • I almost didn’t publish this edit .. basically because I was thinking of you and knew you’d probably read it. I’m trying to work my way into prose poetry … this isn’t quite the thing yet, but it has the emotion and maybe has something poetic.

      BTW … Guess what BJ’s prompt will be next Saturday. Oh and I updated the glossary, I think I put up yesterday’s prompt as well, but can’t remember (darn!).


      • Okay, I’ll bite — what’s the BJS&B going to be? 😀
        So glad you updated the glossary — I keep forgetting. Will try to remember to add cinquain soon. o.O

        As to “prose poetry” — it’s a fine line — I wouldn’t be qualified to say what it is and what it isn’t. But I do think this works, with plenty of emotion. 🙂


        • We’ll be going into prose poetry … I’m reading up on it and trying to find time to read some prose poetry as well .. maybe too hard, do you think … there’s still time to change it.

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          • Um….. duh …. I should have guess that. Perhaps I should be heading to bed!!!!!

            No, not too hard a prompt! I think that even if people don’t *quite* hit the mark, encouraging them to add more emotional language and more “senses” and more poetic techniques will be a good start.

            Read up on it a little bit here –


            Makes me think of some of Kerouac’s moments, like this one…



          • Thanks I’ll look into these links as well. Funny thing happening to the drop down notifications on my WP pages … keeps telling me that I don’t have any activity yet and do I need inspiration … duh.


          • It’s 11:00 A.M. here in sunny Italy (it really is sunny today) and WP drop down notifications still tells me I have no activity and a link that says look for inspiration. On my dashboard, all of my publications where it says “likes” has a smashing zero. But here I am chatting with a bunch of people.


          • What’s weirder is that the drop down menu still says that my site has not activity and encourages me to click for inspiration … I’m taking this that this thing isn’t happening to you …


          • It just happened to me last night for the first time. I had a slew of comments come in. Dropdown said “no activity”. Old notifications showed comments and likes out the backside. So …..

            I found the most recent forum entry (where a “happiness engineer” was parroting the same old spiel about improvements, etc.) and told them they improved me right out of getting any comments.

            Didn’t subscribe to the comments. No point to it. They’ll just say “clean your cache” and “we’re looking into it”. Blah blah blah.


          • I’ve gotten my drop downs back … but can’t say anything about what happened yesterday or this morning … but I’m really feeling put upon. I suppose they decided to play with their new toy with the rest of the world before hitting the U.S. (where they have most of their paying customers I’m sure 😉 )


          • Guess what my drop-down says right now?

            “No activity yet.
            Look for inspiration.”



          • Yep … That’s what mine said for two whole days. Can’t say about the third as wasn’t able to connect, but yesterday afternoon the thing was “back to normal” whatever that means.


          • I don’t even try it any more … I did for a bit, but it doesn’t tell to to which post it’s referring to like the page does so I keep the tag open and fingers crossed.

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          • Fingers crossed is the truth……
            And for what it’s worth, this much-heralded notifications system doesn’t work on Android either. Same issues.


          • I griped. To no avail. Same “happiness engineer” saying he’ll look into it – and “it’s just not happening on my side” —-



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