The Master – Wordle (prose poem) – February 2, 2015

Teddy & feet

The Master

A rainy day and he and his young patron played inside all day, first, rescuing Mistress Mary’s dolls from a fate worse that death, a terrible dragon’s rage —  so tickity, tickity, tick … up and down, up and down the stairs they went in quiet ticking measured steps, so’s not to waken the beast.

Then they’d had a race, in a state of high excitement — thump, thump, thump … up and down, up and down the stairs they went, the sound spread like a thunder-cloud and echoed through the house.

That night, Spot thought to himself with great humility, ah… what a wonderful day we’ve spent, then laid beside his sleeping master’s bed, spread out like a great black and white rug.


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Eclectic Corner #5 Story Prompt and Sunday Whirl Wordle:  day, race, spend, state, rescue, spread, ticking, humility, cloud, patron, measure, host

17 thoughts on “The Master – Wordle (prose poem) – February 2, 2015

  1. Hah I love that, I can imagine them playing all night. Your descriptions with the tempo and noise are fab i was getting a great visual there. I really appreciate you entering this, very chuffed indeed as I know what a busy blogger you are, you are, you are! hehe, see you are inspiring musical words from me.

    Love the doggy rug…living rug!

    big hugs to you, Thank you again for joining Eclectic Corner, Justine xx


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