Just a Word – February 4, 2015

snowy house in fog

Hello World, and it’s so nice to be able to write that!  Since around 2:00 A.M. Tuesday morning my Internet connection has been “timing out” … that is my modem sends out a request to open up to my server and it hits up against a sort of electronic rubber wall and pings back to me.  So like a mad thing … the signal bounces bank and forth with the obvious result that I couldn’t connect to the Internet.

After waiting patiently to see if the problem would resolve itself, I called my server and spoke to one of their technicians.  This is usually a frustrating process since they tell me to reconfigure my modem … and maybe my modem isn’t working etc.  Of course they also tell me that they can’t see me (maybe because I’m not connected to Internet) anyway the long and the short is … eventually it comes back by itself.  This time the guy really seemed to know what he was doing .. did some looking into the chronological history of my connections and saw that from 2:00 A.M. my modem kept connecting and disconnecting.  He ran a few more tests and said that the connection was timing out ..and that he’d send a ticket to have it fixed.

The problem with my connection is that my server does not have their own lines and depend on Telecom Italy to serve their clients … and Telecom Italy have old lines and give priority to their own clients.  That’s why my connection is slow and why there’s little that my server can do to better my service.  But at least they can protest if my line isn’t working at all.

Now my modem connects to the Internet, the connection is just as bad as it was before but it does connect. (As I’m writing the connection just fell again, I’d opened a second tab on my browser and down came this house of cards, sigh).  So, if all goes well, I’ll be able to post, but will keep having problems opening tabs, reading other people’s work and commenting.

Ciao … Bastet.

41 thoughts on “Just a Word – February 4, 2015

  1. How frustrating for you!! I get that when my smart phone freezes 10 times a day when I try to check WP blogs and I want to literally smash it against the wall…I hold it real tight and breathe in, breathe out and realize I am a bit crazy. Don’t worry about my two blogs, cara…if you can read a bit through the reader or email…let it go at that…and send me an email once in a while to tell me how you are doing. Gros câlin mon amie:)


  2. I have a dogy internet connection that drops out all the time too. I am using a USB stick wireless internet connection – it’s a cheap option over here. The technicians tells that if I get Wifi my problems will be solved but to do that I have to get a landline phone and spend much more money. I keep persevering but it can get really annoying when the weather is bad and the signal keeps dropping out. I hope you can get online today. 🙂


  3. Great photo. Our government here in New Zealand has made it their mission to get ultra fast broadband around the whole country. Where I am living now we have a good connection and it is fast and reliable. In my previous rental we had a terrible connection, even though it is the same as we have now. Hopefully it will come right for you soon.


  4. Ugh. A real no-win situation. Here’s hoping the lines get upgraded sometime soon. (Not likely, I guess … but here’s hoping anyway.)

    Will try to do a better job keeping on top of the comments at MLMM, okay? I feel so bad for you.


    • Well … I don’t think the situation will get better any time soon .. I’ll either have to go to the Big Mamma Telecom (which really irks me) or find some other way to connect to Internet .. sigh.


        • Yes and literally in Italy it was the state telecommunications monopoly until around the year 2000 … the monopoly was broken by the cel phone believe it or not … that was new technology and not part of the monopoly… As the new industry grew in the 90s people stopped using land lines and Telecom lost lots of clients … finally the Gov decided to break up the monopoly and open the lines to new companies … but the land lines belong to Telecom and if the new companies don’t create their own lines (like in Padua where Fastweb put down optic fiber cabling) .. they have to rent from Telecom. In some areas the new companies have created new lines in most places (small towns etc.) they depend on Telecom. I’m lucky I don’t live in the mountains or I wouldn’t even have my slow DSL … the lines often don’t even make it up there!


          • So …… even though the monopoly has been broken (on paper)… it reality it HASN’T been broken. And Telecom is probably sitting back, watching it all, saying, “serves them right”! 😡


  5. How frustrating! I’m glad you found someone who was able to help resolve your problem.

    Last semester I took a class in International Relations and we had to choose a country to research. I chose Italy. I’m relying on my memory, which is not always reliable, but I believe that only about 55% of households in Italy have internet connections.

    The photo is pretty.


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