Haiku Shuukan – Perfection – February 6, 2015


cold winter morning
tea rose’s perfection
spider’s web

© G.s.k. ‘15

This week on Haiku Shuukan we begin a new spiritual journey, let me quote our host:

” … I have found a new “spiritual” series of prompts starting this week with “I have managed to reach perfection”.

This sentence is from the short novel “The Way of the Bow” by Paulo Coelho. In this novel he describes the spiritual path of the Bow, the Japanese art of archery. This sentence is said by a man who challenges Tetsuya, the most important character in this novel, to shoot the bow with him.”

I’m inclined to believe that perfection doesn’t exist … in the sense that something that cannot be improved, which of course is the meaning of perfection, doesn’t exist.  But we can try to look for a relative perfection … always considering that in this world of constant change that perfection will be gone with a blink of the eye.  So I’m looking at perfection as a relatively perfect moment.

I took th photograph of the above rose a week ago.  It was really very nearly a perfect shot in the sense that the rose came out beautifully … of course the photo isn’t perfect because the background is not very pretty and to work around this I’d have to cut the rose out and superimpose it onto a better background.  I decided that I would monochrome the photo and see what would happen – whilst I was looking at it in my editor, I noticed for the first time a tiny spiderweb among its leaves… an imperfection right?  Well obviously not from the spider’s point of view!  So I decided that that spiderweb would be my idea of perfection … a beautiful rose which also gives hospitality to a spider one  cold winter morning.

25 thoughts on “Haiku Shuukan – Perfection – February 6, 2015

        • Nasty nasty weather … we’ve been surrounded by snow and snow storms the last few days … down in our valley with that big lake we’re getting wind and rain … it’s kind of like being in the eye of a storm here, looking at the weather happen all around us.


          • There could be something in that … even a story .. we were looking at the half snowed mountain side yesterday. Half way up there are two houses, in their back yard it was white with what looked like snow but in the front it was brownish and muddy!


          • Kind of like when it rains in the front of the house but it is still sunny in the back. – the weather has an imaginary line that is quite real 🙂

            It is interesting to see rain clouds from across a distance.
            You can see the dark cloud and the silver slant of rain. We saw several like that when we visited the Grand Canyon in Arizona. But most of the rain actually never made it to the ground because it was to hot it turned to steam first.


in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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