The Train – Haiku – February 16, 2015


beyond yellow lines
the train thunders up the tracks
iron dragon

ta-da da-dum
that familiar song plays
train track blues

whooshing air
the trains rolls in the station
hurricane of hair

moving emotions
in this noisy train station
farewells and welcomes

© G.s.k. 15


Train … CDHK  Sparkling Stars: This week’s haiku poet is John Stevenson’s and we’re reading some of  his haiku about trains:

the train picks up speed,
in a paper coffee cup
concentric waves

the river always
out there in the dark
late train home

coming home
on the train
… the backyards

© John Stevenson

12 thoughts on “The Train – Haiku – February 16, 2015

  1. So many wonderful images here — the hurricane of hair, the iron dragon, the train-track blues. And who doesn’t love a great train photo? The subtle coloring is fantastic. Really loved this —- [hugs!]


  2. More marvellous images here, to go with the others I’ve enjoyed so much in your haiku recently. As Jen said, the hurricane and dragon – they capture a moment perfectly.


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