Whirling Wordleing … February 20, 2015


whirling in cyberspace
on cue – I wrestle with a memory
of an angel …
its saintly life
destroyed by science,
the crack in its faith, called relativity –
empty – it could no longer dance
on the head of a pin,
the pebble-like consistency of atoms
became great wayward mountains
blocking its act in its tracts
the angel held its head low in shame
what good is the faith of an angel
in a realm of perfection?

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11 thoughts on “Whirling Wordleing … February 20, 2015

  1. Ohh…. “what good is the faith of an angel / in a realm of perfection?”
    and “could no longer dance on the head of a pin” — wow.
    Again, you do these so well.


      • I could never do it without grouping the words into haiku — then weaving prose around it. Always felt a bit constricted — so it’s great that *you* can look at it as a bit of freedom. 🙂


        • Strange that … I just kind of do word association … and one word pulls in another … unless of course I’m doing a form .. then there’s more work to it than that …


          • That’s sort of what I do … seeing which words seem to connect with one another, weaving haiku out of them… then weaving the story around the haiku. Feels like sorting out the plot ahead of time and then fleshing out the details. If that makes sense. o.O

            But a wordle with a more complicated form? Wow. Nope!


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