9 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday at the Library – February 25, 2105

    • It sure is … here when someone finds something on the ground they pick it up and put it on the nearest fence or tree so that it can easily be found by who lost it.


  1. Was drawn in by the vines — incredible texture / detail — then I saw that pacifier! A desperately-missed pacifier, no doubt!

    And maybe this sounds goofy — but — the composition is great. I kept circling – vine-fence-pacifier-vine….. Really neat.


    • Not goofy at all … the composition wasn’t planned but once I started editing I noticed that myself. I play this stuff a lot by ear. That is I snap several shots of the same subject from different angles (which is why hubby gets huffy as to him I should find the perfect composition and make the winning shot … he’s from film days) then once I have a little time I choose what I like the best and then edit. I didn’t really like this one very much, but it was perfect for a Wordless Wednesday.

      Btw, the pacifier wasn’t there a couple of hours later … so I suspect Mommy or Daddy found it.

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      • A frantic Mommy or Daddy!

        Interesting comments. Yes, I guess it WOULD be a different technique – film vs digital. Film was so gosh darned expensive! Yikes. (Took a lot of allowance money!) 😉

        I take tons of angles too now — sometimes don’t see the composition or even all the details till I get home and fiddle with the image. You too, right?

        BTW — remember a long time ago I sent a photo of a wooden bridge to WDBWP — all orange creek with a shadow in the water? Visited Caledonia today — it’s frozen over. Snowed over. Totally different scene. Thought of you on that bridge. 🙂


        • I’ve just spend some time trying to find an orange creek with a shadow in the water … and I finally found it … you wrote a beautiful haibun for that on … and you really did a great process on that photo. Did you take a snowy photo of this today? I hope you did.

          As for angles … you’d think I was one of those photographers who shoot models … only my camera is way slow, sigh. I rarely can catch a bird in flight. And I guess he being from the old film days (and did that film cost!) he’s not really sure what to think of that … and yes, I often don’t know what I have until I get home. Sometimes I think …Wow … this will be cool and it turns out blurred or just not what I “saw” sometimes I can “make” it into what I wanted … sometimes not.

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          • See? I’m so glad you said that. Because I’ve done that last part over and over again! Thinking it’s a great shot — and it’s blurry, or I didn’t see that huge light pole — or something!

            Took a few photos of the creek – one made it to today’s prompt, but it’s from a different angle. I’ll try to write about the OTHER view soon. Weird though. All snowed over!

            More later — getting late! Thanks for the kind words – and I LOVE Spondee and Dactyl!!! 😀


in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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