Shuukan – February 27, 2015


[…] The arrow is the intention. It is what unites the strength of the bow with the centre of the target. The intention must be crystal-clear, straight and balanced. Once the arrow has gone, it will not come back, so it is better to interrupt a shot, because the movements that led up to it were not sufficiently precise and correct, than to act carelessly, simply because the bow was fully drawn and the target was waiting. […]   “The Way of the Bow”: Paulo Coelho

breath in breath out
centered and now serene
give your advice

the rain
falls throughout the valley
on trash heaps and fields
no choices or intentions
rain is a force of nature

a small child
knows no good or evil
its arrows fly
but without clear intentions
the arrows fly astray

here and now
the river flows and wind blows
the flowers bloom
birds sing and fly freely
where are intentions

action reaction
the arrow flies true and pure
the target’s askew
illusive are intentions
in dual reality

the only “one” is Tao
the rest is duality
arrows fly to fail

© G.s.k. ‘15

Theoretically, I understand the point the bow master wishes to make, but there’s a false premise … which is that an individual’s “intentions” are the arrow … of course, you may intend to do something and think your intentions are pure, and maybe they actually are, but without taking into consideration the reality around you, no matter how pure your intentions, you’ll fail to reach your goal and perhaps through no fault of your own … you cannot move in this world of duality without taking into consideration the “other” … whose intentions might not be pure at all.

So I suppose here what I should first be doing is stepping outside of expectations … so we can intend to do this or that … but we mustn’t expect anything … hmmm … lots to mediate on here!


Carpe Diem Shuukan – intentions

12 thoughts on “Shuukan – February 27, 2015

    • Yep … don’t think just do, well not exactly but perhaps you understand what I mean … this whole intention idea doesn’t jive. As we live in an impression of duality, I think in the end we create only chaos sitting around creating intentions of this or that. In a way, intentions are already a form of ego … on what do we base our intentions?

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      • feelings are the climax of any intention, i feel.

        boatman learns to row. time and effort perfects him.
        moksha is not in hating the storm for toppling the boat but to feel love for the storm for its gift of humility.


        • A very interesting point of view … taking life’s experiences and allowing them to teach us life’s lessons … again this seems to be the way … walking without expectation and living the experience as it presents itself … the intention in this case would only be the first step on the path …

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          • that many paths as many opine.

            i just see the building now… some of us have been staring through the window since ages…wonder what all they see…

            its hard to meditate because we already are perfectly meditated to this world that we live in. to break out of the maya of this meditation takes effort.

            i see you have come a long way in this infinite path. so don’t bother counting steps. just prosochē your intention.


  1. Wonderful series, cara!! brava…your commentary is actually the summary of The Way of the Bow…the archer must hold the bow, stretch to aim the arrow but must be aware of all the surroundings, the wind, any obstacles around him. You described it probably clearer than Paulo (wink)


in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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