10 thoughts on “Silent Sunday – March 1, 2015

    • Thanks … it really did improve though with the editing. Concentrating on the houses by doing a crop centred the balance of the photo … the colours are extra pizzazz.


        • now YOU’RE being silly … you’ve come up with some really cool work! My photos are very often the results of fooling around with the original until I can get something decent … some would say my methods are hokey, when they’re being nice 😉 .


          • Hokey? No. I think you’re darned good. Mine are pretty amateur, let’s face it. I have fun … and in the end that’s all that’s important … but … amateur!

            Honestly, though, I find the most satisfaction in rescuing a crappy photo. Like the antenna farm. Making something out of nothing. You start out with something and make it better!


          • Yep … that is so cool when you can take a blurred too light photo or whatever and create something new from it … tried to explain that once to a photographer friend of mine he just looked sort of down his nose and said he preferred to stick with reality … his wife confided in me telling me he does a lot of editing too though.

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in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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