Trip to Atlantis – Fairy Tale – February 5, 2015


The reason we were commissioned was because the gauntlet had been thrown by the proud green-eyed Empress, so we set off to find Atlantis the fair and proud. Some say it had been lost because the Gods despised the arrogance and haughtiness of its people. Atlantis, was said to be the homeland of the nobility of our beloved land.  Some whispered that Atlantis was just an excuse used by our nobility to reign our beloved land.

The Empress gave us a map and then after heart-felt prayer to her family ancestors, our Kami allies appeared and now walk the dark roads with us.  Some say that the land of Atlantis is in the sea – some say only in man’s mind but as we looked upon the map we were surprised to see that  Atlantis was to be found under the great Himalayan mountains.

We followed the highways and byways and goat paths and then no paths which lead into those majestic mountains.  The nights were dark and fraught with fear and we noticed we were being spied on by foul demons of ancient lore.  However, we’d been chosen not because of our prowess with sword or spear – we were armed in fact with only our bravery and pure hearts.

We came at last to a small pass between two towering mountains.  In this pass and the valley into which it lead, the sun hadn’t shone since the memory of man.  It was shunned by all living things. Into this eternal darkness, cold and forlorn we walked … the Kami glowed with an ethereal shimmer, they seemed to know the place well.

We came upon a tower among broken crumbled rubble that lay every which way.  Streets there must have been – everywhere there were signs of a powerful civilization. We made for the tower and once we there we found an open metal door.  Passing through the door, we looked upon a great hall.  There were no spider webs or dust.  Everything was in perfect order.  Along the wall we saw stairs leading to the belfry.  In front of us we could saw a throne and an altar. Going further into the great hall a music mysteriously began to play and lights shone everywhere. A figure appeared upon the throne and upon the altar a book.

“My children you’ve come at last for knowledge and wisdom.  We lived our lives long and though we acquired knowledge we lost wisdom. Today, you see the results and today with you begins our new era. For it has been foretold that three humans and three Kami with come and acquire from me both knowledge and wisdom.  You will bring new life to the world and a new age of serenity.”

The tower door clanged shut, the building began to tremble. We felt a movement as though we were moving downwards into the Earth herself!  After a while, the movement stopped and the door opened.  We looked upon a world that resembled a soft moonlit garden and were greeted by a tall graceful woman.  She said: ” Welcome to Atlantis.”



Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie – Fairy Tale Prompt

5 thoughts on “Trip to Atlantis – Fairy Tale – February 5, 2015

  1. Oooh — even though you use “we” this reads like an ancient legend — very creative to find Atlantis in the Himalayas! And what dreamy music you’ve used to accompany this piece. Awesome — and I thought the passage between the mountains was very, very strong. This is a wonderful piece of prose, Georgia 🙂


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