Tan Renga and Haiga Festival – only emptiness – March 7, 2015


in the space between the trees
only emptiness
without emptiness no forest

© Hamish Gunn

the forest is not the trees
the full moon is not the pond

after the rain falls
the sky and woods come to earth
empty reflections

© G.s.k. ‘15

Carpe Diem Tan Renga – our hokku master today is Hamish Gunn

20 thoughts on “Tan Renga and Haiga Festival – only emptiness – March 7, 2015

    • Thanks my dear! I’m awestruck at your enthusiastic comment! As you saw, was off line yesterday for most of the day … was able to pop on for a few seconds so I only wrote the one haiga … all’s well on the eastern front … and seems we have an owl in the roof of one of the houses in the courtyard I always photograph … I only was him twice, but he hoots in early mornings and evenings!

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      • You made it look so effortless — because, wow, did I ever struggle with this one. You and I both know it’s not effortless – but you made it look natural. 🙂

        Glad all’s well — was a bit worried about you!

        Lucky you to have an owl! When I was in high school an owl took up residence nearby … used to love listening to him/her. [sigh….!]


        • All well .. I was very very tired yesterday when I got home … and of course you know writing in the day is a no no if hubby is up and about .. just chilled and read some Wodehouse … I was also composing in my head what I should do for BJ’s and finally last night decided to go for the ABAB rhyming Scheme and Robert Frost … so I drafted, read a couple of posts and closed down for the night …
          This is one of those tiny owls … called civetta in Italian and blast if I’ve been able to find a translation for that … I noticed it last week when a helicopter passed low over my house at dawn … they sometimes come around for a night but it’s rare that they leave the woods to take up residence.

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          • Ah, I remember that helicopter post. Perhaps weird weather is causing him/her to relocate? Hm….

            Kind of figured you’d be feeling a bit icky when you got home. I’m sure you-know-who didn’t help either. 😦

            BUT — the ABAB post is a good one – enough discipline to provide a bit of a challenge; not so much that folks will rebel. 😉 And you can’t go wrong with Frost 😀


          • Thanks dear … I was in a quandary … I wanted to go a little classic but not enough to weigh anyone down!

            Yeah … well he wasn’t too bad just a bit mopey …

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in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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