Friday the 13th – The Champ’s Cat – March 13, 2015


 welter weight champion
callused and cusséd
scripturient poet
when not in the ring
had an iconic good luck charm
a grisly old poster
from a now defunct
insurance co.

into his dressing room
he went that Friday morn
and grew hoarse
with a dark anguished moan …
his poster’d been stolen
or so he thought
there on the wall was just a white spot
where it had once hung
not so long ago.

he went into a panic
he let out a shout
and from his heart’s serrated wound –
his voice seemed to bleed out:
“where’s my cat gone!”
he nearly wept as he pleaded
“I can’t fight tonight
unless it comes home!”

Mary Magee,
ran through the door
with a rectangular package
under her arm
tsk tsking the champion
in pretty bright tones:
“you silly big oaf,
what are you ever about?
no one’s stolen your cat
it’s a framed him I’ve done!”

now  it’s all urban history
about the champ’s fateful Friday,
he won that year’s title,
was successfully published
and became happily married
all that same day …
May 13th, 1938.

© G.s.k. ‘15

Chris from The Muscleheaded Blog loaned me this lovely poster .. which I gave to the champ, framed  😉

Also linked to Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie

  1. Welter (to roll, toss, wallow, writhe)
  2. Callus
  3. Plead
  4. Bottle
  5. Scripturient (desire to write)
  6. Hoarse
  7. Anguish
  8. Iconic
  9. Grisly
  10. Panic
  11. Urban
  12. Serrate

20 thoughts on “Friday the 13th – The Champ’s Cat – March 13, 2015

    • Oh … didn’t recognize you at first dear girl … you brighten up this post this morning!!! Thanks Chris lent me the photo when I asked if he had Friday the 13th posters after reading about his last leap year post … Sekhmet was so pleased! 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      • And it was a good thing I wrote it yesterday and scheduled it … just got up at this dreadful hour … yesterday’s lesson was quite a success but got over later than usual.


      • Well, Blake mentioned that we both looked pretty similar and I started feeling bad again — so — changed my dress again 😉

        Such a fun write — you are the Mistress of the Wordle! 🙂


        • Oh my … I’m sorry you were feeling bad about that – but I do love your pretty new clothes!

          I’m glad you enjoyed the poem … I was going to edit it … and started putting it up as a draft only but then I scheduled it and said I’d have plenty of time to edit before it went up … it’s a little stiff in places perhaps … but it was fun to write. Thanks for your great comment!

          Liked by 1 person

  1. As summerstommy2 said, it was a great combination. You wove a cloth with the wordles part of the pattern.
    Glad “the cat came back the very next day”


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