Changing Goals – Shuukan_two – March 19, 2015

shuukan haiga two_19_small


two points of view
goals shift in the dawn
like wayward arrows

we live together
Eeyore, Winnie and I
in one soul
glimpsing illumination
while – bemoaning thorny paths

© G.s.k. ‘15

This is linked to Carpe Diem Shuukan:

Each arrow flies differently. You can shoot a thousand arrows and each one will follow a different trajectory: that is the way of the bow.

14 thoughts on “Changing Goals – Shuukan_two – March 19, 2015

  1. So nice to see Eeyore smiling…I actually collect Eeyore for a relative.
    Over the years they are amazed I haven’t sent the same thing twice.
    They even have a child’s Duplo Lego set with Eeyore… But then since Disney has gotten into the Winnie the Pooh characters one can find them almost any and everywhere…


    • I’ve got a few myself … and Winnie too .. yes thanks to Disney it isn’t hard to find stuff with these two and the others as well … thanks for stopping by!


  2. Interesting. Guess some days people are more Eeyore than Winnie. Always wondered if each of the 100 Acre Wood characters was a personality trait of Christopher Robbin. Probably a paper out on that because it seems too easy.


    • Probably more a character traits of how his father saw him … but very sub-conscious – I prefer to think that he just like telling his son bed-time stories 😉 but I’m sure there is some academic somewhere who tried to pull out the hidden meanings of the stories.


        • Hard telling but Milne based his characters on his son’s stuffed toys … Winnie went everywhere with his son when he was small … Roo is the bright sort of kid type – you know, I never thought to ask myself the inner meanings behind his characters … strange.


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