19 thoughts on “Haiga Festival – Snails (2) – March 24, 2015

          • Decided to go get my ECG done and took me the whole blasted morning … just to find out I could have done without ,,, well I am glad there’s nothing to worry about. So I can go medieval without qualms … just might have a bit of backache from sleeping i a sleeping bag-


          • Yikes — that is scary! I’m glad it turned out to be an ache instead of something else —–!!!!! :O


          • Ah .. I mis-explained myself … no special aches … had to do a ECG because the Medieval group needed it for my insurance policy that comes with signing up in the association which is a sporting club (of sorts) But I have to prove i’m in good health. Any aches I’ve got right now are all do to the hours I walked around Piacenza, the beaches of Venice and Padua … 😉


          • Oh, phew — sorry! You scared me there! But yes — guess it’s a good thing — interesting that it’s a sporting club though!


          • They’ve got some crazy categorizations here … and as during the year the group meets three times a week for sword training (something this little old lady doesn’t do) it’s officially a sporting club that also does historical re-evocation. I just found a cool bit of history … the first European woman author comes from Venice (the region) and was raised in Charles the Fifths court:


            this is particularly interesting to me as I’d said to kiddo … i’ll be the lady poet of the group and he replied that women weren’t writers back then 😉


          • That’s really neat!!! I like the term “re-evocation” so much better than “reenactment” or “living history” like they have here. Seems more accurate, you know?

            But, come on — seriously? You’re turning down a chance to learn some sword play? This pirate would LEAP at the chance. Well, move very exuberantly, anyway 😉

            I’ve bookmarked the article for later when I can look into it more — but the top photo is awesome – with the caption “Christine de Pizan lecturing men”.



          • Well .. I’d like to go for sword play … but I’d have to live in Padua … so … I’ll be happy to participate as a medieval woman who writes poetry and helps the cooks out from time to time.

            Speaking of Pirates … we played a role playing game called the Happy Pirates when I was in Padua … to decide who goes first you have to go Arrrrrrrggggggggggghhhhhhhh as loud and long as you can. I went second, but won the game 😉


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          • No kidding! That’s a riot!!!

            I’d be WAY too overeager with the arrr-ing. [Aw, for the love of Mike, will ya shut her up already? She’s been arring and avasting all night!] LOL

            Still — your role sounds like so much fun. 😀


          • It was great fun … and to tell the truth we played this simple version … they tell me that you can also get into spells and stuff like that … I’m sure you’d have won the arring without a doubt!

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  1. I’ve heard of a snail’s pace, but this is the first time I’ve ever heard of a snail’s paradise! 😉


in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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