A B&J Renga – March 27, 2015

From Gold to White

From Gold to White

Jen from Blog it or Lose it! and I were chatting over a haiga the other day when we fell into a renga, the results of which is the reason for this post!  Jen’s verse are Blue and mine are Maroon … the renga developed over three days, it began on the 25th of March and ended today, and as always I find it interesting to see the evolution that the renga takes, if you wish to see the original, click the link ‘haiga’ above!  We hope you enjoy!

muggy heat
sweat dripping off our brows
awaiting autumn

in a distant green rumble
thunderheads roiling

no March dunderheads
a sweet rain-filled wind blows
greening rain drops fall

underfoot, the carpet of brown
leaps into clover

squish slosh goop
walking in the muddy fields
muddying the clover

a single raindrop
rests in a drooping white blossom

a tear from heaven
a wish for sun-kissed cheeks
fickle is spring

the wind is cold and fierce
and weaves my hair into a veil

covering weariness
these veiled eyes – tired of winter
wistful thoughts of spring

in the bare birches
doves are fluffing and preening

a morning shower
sprucing to meet their lovers
in the park at noon

a fleeting vision of wings
sweeps across fresh puddles

water reflects –
freedom in the skies above
here but for fortune

how the light shifts from gold to white –
bittersweet changes

first flurries of snow
swallows sing dirge like trills
winter won’t let go

a woman shivers in the cold
as her hair turns to gray

walking down the path
thinking of winter changes
from gold to white –

© B&J ‘15

13 thoughts on “A B&J Renga – March 27, 2015

  1. Reblogged this on Blog It or Lose It! and commented:
    Many thanks to Georgia for compiling our renga over the course of three days — and for playing renga to begin with! As always it was fun!

    For those of you new to renga, one person writes a haiku / hokku, then a second person responds with two lines in 7/7. Then the first person provides 5/7/5. And so on. Although there are many modern variations, depending on the goals and moods of the poets.

    Liked by 1 person

      • Hope you don’t mind my simply reblogging instead of creating a whole new post – with your great photo, I wanted to be sure people came *here* – also since you started the renga, you know?

        These renga are so much fun –! And together, the results turn out great 🙂


  2. Always fascinating to see the two of you bouncing images back and forth – my favourite section is probably the ‘shared haiku’ that appears in –

    greening rain drops fall
    underfoot, the carpet of brown
    leaps into clover


in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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