Haiku Morning and Waka – Last Natural Dawn – March 28, 2015


blackbird’s last concert
under a true dawn this morn
then we save daylight

setting our clocks
feel like modern creators
of a new dawn

as spring approaches
days grow longer and longer
not long enough

to bed in sunshine
sad – childhood memories flash
dark walk to school
why not let nature alone
why try to harness the sun

© G.s.k. ‘15

Yes, tomorrow even Europe goes onto ‘daylight saving time’ and now as when I was a child, I wonder whom this innovation really serves … except perhaps amusement parks – they don’t turn on their lights ’til later in the evenings!  But then, probably we who are detached from the natural rhythm of the sun and don’t get up until around eight of the clock (or indeed later), will not notice a big difference in the morning, but there is one, believe me – the mornings will be darker for an extra hour … and to think Ben Franklin started the ball rolling as a hoot.  

7 thoughts on “Haiku Morning and Waka – Last Natural Dawn – March 28, 2015

in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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