Ghost Cat – Haibun – April 15, 2015

Cat on the Wall

The house had been abandoned for years.  The old lady who’d lived there, having passed away, could no longer feed the dozens of cats which used to visit her daily. She’d fed them all indiscriminately, her only exception being cats who fought.  She really detested those battles and would chase the contenders away with a hose she kept for this purpose!

I’d never noticed the white cat that sat on her wall until one early morning around dawn. I was sitting on my loggia and saw it poised there like a statue.  I figured it must have been one of the many who roam around the town at night, the Italians believe that cats should roam freely.  But somehow, this cat was different.  It glowed slightly.

One early morning it and I saw two of my neighbour’s cats readying for a territorial fight.  They spat and caterwauled, making a dickens of a racket.  The silent spectator just seemed to look on indifferently.  Finally the encounter seemed to go beyond the initial vocal stages and with their bodies puffed up twice their size, the males moved cautiously towards one another.  At that point, the strange white cat literally drifted down from its perch landing between the two contenders!  I thought they’d looked puffed up until that moment – they seemed like two fur balls then and with a loud meow they took off into different directions.

The white cat returned to her perch.

in the dawn
the white cat or its master
keep the peace

© G.s.k. ‘15

Divided Path

Written and linked to Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie – Fairy Tale Prompt

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