Friday Fictioneers .. The Fire .. April 17, 2015


Photo Credits: Roger Bultot

Photo Credits: Roger Bultot

They’d lived in the white house only a few months before the fire. They’d gone to the movies, returning home, they saw the fire engines pumping water into their home. People stood around on the street as people do in the face of some exciting tragedy.

Mary held their tiny daughter in her arms as a tear rolled down her cheek thinking of their belongings gone up in smoke.

“I wonder what started the fire?” she said.

“Seems someone left the roast on the fire before going out forgot to turn it off!” said a neighbour.

Then she remembered!

© G.s.k. ‘15


This is a memoir of sorts … actually a couple of bits of my early memories .. in Mississippi as a child I did live in a white house, there was a fire which we came home to find (but I don’t remember much more than the fire) and my Mother left a roast cooking on the range one evening, my Father had come home and decided we should pass the weekend with my Grandparents … in the rush to dump some clothes in the car, she forgot the roast.  Fortunately, outside of a lot of smoke in the kitchen upon our return everything went alright.


Written for Friday Fictioneers

21 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers .. The Fire .. April 17, 2015

    • Thanks … funny how a photo can bring back old memories … of course this is not a memoir as it didn’t happen as described. Thanks for popping in!


  1. Ugh, it can so easily happen!!! I love how you’ve combined fiction and memory.
    When I was a kid the neighbor’s house burned down — terrifying — and probably something as simple as a forgotten roast. 😦


    • Funny how many people have had a fire happen near them when they were young .. I think perhaps living in the U.S. it would be easier to have that sort of experience due to our building materials … and yes, it could have been a forgotten roast!


      • I’ll never forget looking out the window and seeing the mattress go soaring out the window – and the orange stripes between black boards. (It was a very, very old house.) Eerie, even now.


        • A terrifying experience … of the fire I witnessed I only remember people standing around in the dark streets … a lot of clamber … and some smoke.


          • Probably to the best not to remember it …. an awful, helpless feeling. And then fear of sparks … ugh. The girl it happened to was a classmate.


          • Oh my … that is a traumatic experience … I was just around three when the fire happened in our home … but of course my parents talked about it every once in a while afterwards … so I know it was a fire.

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  2. Great take on the prompt, things like that happen all too often. Ovens need a better design. I’m glad no one got hurt.


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