‘Usa e Getta’ – Wordleing – April 24, 2015




Ah … our diaphanous dissonant world
this ‘usa and getta’* society
which like a lace velour purse,
(so invitingly beautiful)
diaphanous and iridescent,
melts in rainy weather
then, mottled by the inky rain –
disintegrates into stained ruin
only a shade of what it was.

A perfect object
for an economy
that needs
constant renewed consumption!

A tiny plastic clip remains
a ghost
to haunt you.

© G.s.k. ‘15


This poem was inspired by a conversation I had with Paloma in passing.


56b33-logo-sundaywhirligigshade, stain, lace, velour, purse, ink, diaphanous, clip, iridescent, mottled, dissonant, weather

Sunday Whirligig Wordle


24 thoughts on “‘Usa e Getta’ – Wordleing – April 24, 2015

  1. Oh! this is perfect metaphor, Bastet — perfect. And that plastic clip is quite a cap for the poem — ! I really like how you digitized the image – even if it is another sad, sad statement on society.

    Awesome work 🙂


  2. Enjoyed this wordle. You’ve already read mine… Mrs. Mary Mack.
    It is too bad there is still so much litter.
    Recycling has gotten better. But in some areas it is limited to glass and only 1 & 2 plastic and only if those have ‘necks’ (and yes cans of steel and aluminum). Paper pays less and less, and not many places take cardboard either.


    • Yes recycling has gotten better … back in the 70s things were actually worse than today (at least in Italy) but still so much to do … and it’s terrible how much gets into the oceans and seas! Thanks for commenting!

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  3. It is a pity that mankind cannot see the ugliness of themselves as they litter the planet. Sadly there are not of enough of those that care to save the planet. Our children are learning from us that everything is expendable even the earth.


    • Our problem is more that we don’t believe that the planet needs saving … we delude ourselves into thinking that as always the earth will be able to overcome all the problems that we throw at her … of course, sometimes the best solution to a pest problem is to get rid of the pests … which just might happen.


  4. Wow! My mother’s small town was going to run out of room for the garbage, so they started recycling and composting and drop off spots so were well ahead of the game.
    We filter our water, and I keep reusing the same water bottle.
    You made a powerful statement about the earth and our abuse of it. Wall-e, where are you?

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    • Too true … Wall-e where are you. Actually in humanities past, villages used to be abandoned when the garbage got to much to live with! They used to also pollute their villages river or pond making the place unlivable. Basically this is how we’ve always thought that things should be … take what we want and then abandon the mess behind. The thing that has dramatically changed the game is the consequences of the industrial revolution … we create lots more waste and have oodles of people besides!


      • We thought the ocean was endless and would heal it’s self. Now sea birds have plastic pop packaging wrapped around their necks, the light pollution, seen from space disheartens me because we can’t see the starscape in all it’s glory, and city lights confuse migrating birds.
        Once our world was full of passenger pigeons — flocks that darkened the sky, and buffalo that called the plains there home.
        No more passenger pigeons, no more Carolina Parakeets, one of the first to become extinct.
        We only love nature when it is gone, or shaped to our will.
        Another rant coming on. 😀


        • Ah yes .. and there’d be so much to rant about. Once upon a time we might have thought all was endless, but now that we’ve made the Earth so small, there’s no excuse for the disrespectful shoddiness with which we treat our home.


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