Dreaming – Haibun – April 25, 2015


There are mornings when I wake-up and I wonder if I’m really awake or if this is the dream part of my existence.  I’m not being rhetorical – no Zen messages hidden between the lines, just a thought that occurs from time to time.

Dreaming is one of my favourite pass-times.  I’m not even one of those persons that sleep 8 hours a day but when I sleep, I dream.

Some of the most beautiful journeys I’ve ever taken were while I was asleep.  A beautiful trip through some fantastic countryside or exploring a dusty ancient mansion and so on.  My favourite dream is a trip through a city with all it’s winding streets and plazas.  Once in this city, I took a long bus ride, just enjoying the sights.

The people I meet are not always pleasant, sometimes they’re really scary sometimes silly and sometimes they’re people I’ve known but whom I haven’t seen in ages.  I don’t remember ever meeting any beautiful mystical persons.  Sometimes I don’t meet anyone at all but I hear a voice telling me this thing or that.  This morning, I was having a Latin lesson – clearly a left-over from my evening out with a few of my students who were talking about their school days – however the last word I remember in the dream was not Latin at all but the Greek letter ‘iota’!

“To sleep perchance to dream”  said the Bard through Hamlet, ” For in that sleep of death what dreams may come.”  I wonder … what will become of ‘me’ when that day comes.  Will this life become the dream … or will this energy that is me become part of the whole mass of energy that is the Universe blending everything into a non memory.  Who knows.

in this dream
reflections of a puddle
without the moon

© G.s.k. ‘15

16 thoughts on “Dreaming – Haibun – April 25, 2015

  1. Your haibun reads like a dream. The haiku at the end sums up that feeling of having dreamt all night but not having a clue what it was all about.


  2. How wonderful to be able to hang on to so much of your dreams, Bastet! The harder I try to hang onto mine, the faster they seem to slip away.

    Your haiku is perfect – mysterious as the dreams themselves. One of your best, my dear. 🙂


  3. Lovely, cara, I enjoy my dreams as well and your haibun is such a lovely journey for the reader with the haiku as a lovely conclusion. I was just talking to my son last night how I used to watch Italian movies in high school and understood a lot because I studed Latin for 4 years. I would have difficulty now though.


    • Maybe you’d have a little difficulty on understanding it when spoken …but with Latin and French you probably would have very few problems understanding it in writing. Glad you enjoyed the post.


in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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