Venetian Water Roads – Villanelle – May 2, 2015


riding  down a Venetian water road
rain drops fell from grey clouded skies
and white gulls sailed up high and bold

thunder rumbled somewhere it snowed
(which was a blessing in disguise)
riding down a Venetian water road

grey doves joined the gulls to goad
a wayward cat which growled in angry replies
and white gulls sailed up high and bold

bright kayaks throughout the Lagoon rowed
but in Burano some found this so unwise
riding down a Venetian water road

sights and sounds soon overflowed
birds, boats and people filled my ears and eyes
and white gulls sailed up high and bold

Oh Venice though your cold winds blowed
I loved each of your damp gusty sighs
riding down a Venetian water road
and white gulls sailed up and bold

© G.s.k. ‘15

A villanelle for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie’s B&P Shadorma and Beyond

23 thoughts on “Venetian Water Roads – Villanelle – May 2, 2015

  1. How enchanting this photo is!!! when I saw it in my reader I knew I had to read this lovely poem. Bravo, ma chère, quel beau voyage sur les eaux de Venice…wow!!


  2. Gorgeous! It always seems so easy to get it right when I read someone else’s written it! And written it so well!


    • I do so know what you mean … and I often feel exactly the same way … about reading other peoples poetry .. I sigh and say … “oh wow! now why couldn’t I have written it like that!”

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  3. Oh you nailed this one….so smooth and flowing….now I think I am going to have to practise more of these to be as accomplished at them as you. Lovely villanelle. How long did it take you to write this ? It took me 2 hours to write mine and it is still not right:)


    • I loved your write and I agree about the villanelle … I love waka, but sometimes the more “meat and bones” genre like kyrielle sonnets and villanelle are so satisfying and yes, they take more time to write without a doubt, but I helped myself out using the techniques learnt writing waka to smooth the villanelle out a bit. Your subject was not a simple one … you done good my dear!


  4. I enjoyed this escape to the water road less traveled.
    When I’ve done this form before…well I just copy and paste the repeated lines to where they should be and then figure out the rest. Thanks for stopping by my piece on the prompt.
    There was quite a bit I did not know about May Day.


    • That’s something I’ve done as well .. once written the first stanza it then becomes a matter of filling in the empty spaces 😉 About May Day … I learnt a lot about it living here in Europe where it is a rather big event!

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  5. Loved this Venetian water road in so musical Vilanell, nice images throughout, the line ‘birds, boats and people filled my ears and eyes’ become so visual in literal meaning… beautifully done!


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