Untold Stories – Haibun -May 7, 2015


Sitting in an ER waiting lounge is like sitting not far from a war zone I guess.

Broken people, many old some very young walk, are rolled or carried into the room. Sometimes they look a little scared, others a little lost but all of them seem to look around wondering how their lives seem to have entered a parenthesis, they don’t understand how the hospital system works and what’s expected of them.

The first doctor to look at my husband’s hand has a computer with his desktop divided between two monitors … the desktop on both screens display a large beige photo of Che Guevara.  In his ER greens he’s the farthest thing from a South American revolutionary hero that I can think of but I suppose it’s a statement of sorts, a declaration of some intimate ideal.   Finishing the paperwork, he glances at the hand.

“Yes, it looks broken.” he says and then orders some x-rays and that’s the last time we see him.

We went from ward to ward and even changed hospital at one point.  The people changed and yet somehow they didn’t. Finally the hand’s bandaged but the odyssey wasn’t over.  For the final decision of what his therapy would be, he had a CAT scan. The reception nurse informs us:  “Your appointment will be on Monday morning to see the results.”

faces come and go
dancing on linoleum
under neon lights

© G.s.k. ‘15

Heeding Haiku with HA – Untold Stories

(This is a short follow up of yesterday’s Just a Note Haiku.

7 thoughts on “Untold Stories – Haibun -May 7, 2015

  1. Arggh — that drives a person insane — all the torment, going from place to place to place — finally getting a test — then having to wait for the results. My heart goes out to you — all I can do is send another hug and tell you I’m thinking of you!

    But. Che Guevarra in the ER is quite a statement. 🙂


    • Well in the end we finally got some answers and that’s the important point. Seems what at first looked like a hair-line fracture is a bit worse. The specialist will see him again on Monday, but from what our family doctor could understand from the cat scan, he’ll have to undergo an operation to set things to rights.


      • Oh. What a nightmare, Georgia. I am so sorry. But at least you have the answers now. Fingers crossed —- hoping that operation can be sooner rather than later ?

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  2. Great haibun, ma chère but I cannot get over the health care. Despite my griping, here we usually leave knowing the results of the XRay…many hours later but still; Hope he finally gets this sorted out sooner than later so he can be on the mend. Courage ma belle!

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  3. Oh! It is indeed really hard going from place to place in a hospital. I have accompanied my mother twice for her annual heart checkup and it is tormenting how much you have to run, for the tests and reports and whatnot.
    I hope that your husband’s hand heals soon. Take care.
    I loved your haiku. 🙂

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  4. Oh dear – what a nightmare – but I guess that’s healthcare universally – a trial – not only for the people needing it – but for the staff and medical personnel too. Never an easy job.

    Sorry to hear that the results are less than stellar news – but sending light and energy that all will be well – sooner than later – and that everything will move with better speed, in timely fashion.

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