Wordleing with a Photo Challenge – May 17, 2015

-Vampire Zombie

-Vampire Zombie

grieving by the candles
a treasure lost – the sun
to learn to live in darkness
and walk the cemetery’s gravel path
was to be her soulless destiny –

the tavern was her doom
this prodigal girl did find
in a roar of thundery brimstone
she passed from her daily life
leaving  her forever longing
for the rushing stream at dawn.

© G.sk. ‘15

grieving, candles, treasure, sun, learn, gravel, tavern, prodigal, find, roar, longing, rushing

 photo 5a6986e6-4965-485f-8763-7b6765e80a2b_zpsvpuv4m86.jpg

Sunday’s Whirligig

Written for Sunday’s Whirligig and Photo Challenge #60 at Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie

26 thoughts on “Wordleing with a Photo Challenge – May 17, 2015

  1. This laps like waves…a gentle permeating sadness which in itself is beautiful…although retreating into any underground is so very hard to work your way out of..


    • Thanks Jae Rose … a lovely comment and yes, once one’s retreated into any underground it is difficult to work ones way out … in this case I’m afraid she won’t be able to work her way out at all …


  2. Ambiguous ending in those last two lines – not sure if it ends happily or not – that lost treasure of the sun – and then the dawn. Did she escape her soulless doom?


  3. I love the way you have combined the 2 prompts – it flows with ease and a darkness that is interesting, given the watery nature of the photo. Really fascinating and great wordle use. 😀


  4. The tavern was my uncle’s doom too. He drank himself to death at a very young age, leaving behind two small sons. Your poem brought him to mind, even though I haven’t thought of him for many years.

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    • I think alcohol is just a pernicious as any other drug and can lead to a terrible life, not only for the alcoholic, but for their family as well. Unfortunately my father was an alcoholic and died alone.


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