A voyage … into myself – May 18, 2015



It’s been about two and a half years now that I’m blogging at Bastet and Sekhmet and what was to be an occasional post about my thoughts and maybe a bit of prose about my memories has turned into an adventure into poetry with bits and pieces of the odd story from time to time.  Bastet and Sekhmet evolved into Through the Eyes of Bastet for my photography, Bastet’s Waka Library for Japanese poetry on Blogger along with Along an Empty Road .. which is still pretty empty and finally Walking with Sekhmet.

During these years I also learned to write prompt posts for We Drink Because We’re Poets, Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie and recently Carpe Diem Haiku Kai.  I’ve also written the occasional post for various internet magazines and I’ve got a place to write on the Poet’s Corner and of course over the past year I’ve done a lot of Blog hopping.

That’s a lot of stuff going on and whereas I love to write … there are the difficult moments .. especially when one can’t read or comment all the work that’s going on around oneself.  I have seen writers who never ever comment their fellow writers and sometimes I think that I’d love to be like that, it would most certainly make things a bit easier.

I’m contemplating on temporarily closing down Bastet and Sekhmet.  Basically the blog is completely disorganized and I’d like to do a little work on it.  I’d also like to edit some of the poems and waka.  I’ve been talking about publishing an indie book of poetry and/or book of haiku but with the every day obligations of blogging, that goal just seems to get pushed further and further back.

After two and a half years I wonder where I’m going .. or where I should go from here.

Over these years I’ve met some fantastic people and many of them like meteors flashed beautifully along my horizon and disappeared .. leaving nary a trace, except in my heart.  What enthusiasm, what verve were these fantastic talents that have written here at WordPress and Blogger … but then poof they were no more.  Their Blogs closed down, empty places where once one would go anticipating a new wonder and a little chat, suddenly just didn’t exist anymore.

The word used is ‘burn out’ and it’s something every blogger should take into consideration.  It’s something I myself am coming very close to experiencing.  To burn out doesn’t mean you can’t write any more … at least I don’t think so.  What it is, is, having too much to do and a feeling of just not being able to cope with the every day stress … it’s also losing that energy of the new blogger, an energy where it seems everything is possible!

Well … now I’ve said this and probably their only words thrown to the wind … I don’t really know.  But, I’ve a couple of haiku I want to write and today’s Monday with a new Wordle.  But I wonder, does it really matter?  If Bastet, like Sahm King, Cubby, Grandma Says and so many others disappeared, would anyone notice?


34 thoughts on “A voyage … into myself – May 18, 2015

    • Thanks Barb … I always wait for your bits of pragmatic wisdom … of course you’re right, I’ve got to get this in perspective and put the little girl who feels she must please everyone but herself in her place 😉

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  1. Oh Bastet. You need to do what’s best for you. But oh – I would miss your blog – miss you – terribly. Terribly. Your absence would be noticed by more people than you imagine.

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  2. I can identify with everything you’ve said here. I feel the same about my blog and the way my idea of publishing a book of haiga gets put on the backburner every day as I respond to blogging challenges. It’s a weird problem. My posts keep on rolling along but whether or not they are going anywhere is a real question mark. Maybe that’s the thing about blogging – maybe it doesn’t have to go anywhere or achieve anything lasting – maybe it’s about creative expression in the moment. Perhaps the secret is to get disciplined and only allow blogging and responding to challenges take up a certain number of hours each week while getting disciplined about devoting time to e-books etc.
    I hope you don’t disappear from the blogging world. Your point of view, your photos and haiku are always interesting.

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    • I think that perhaps as you say, the key is to find that discipline for the projects I’d really like to get done … I don’t think I could disappear from blogging, though I may put thee Library on hold to get it back into shape … I still have the other blogs to write on but I think, yes, I’ll have to find it in me to go beyond the blogs.


  3. Oh, Georgia! Of course I’ll miss you if you stop blogging…but I quite see where you are coming from. I recently took a couple of weeks out, and will do the same again periodically. Your blog is your blog, and you should do what’s best for you….and only you can say whether it needs to ‘go’ anywhere!

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  4. You would be missed, but I know how time consuming blogging is. It definitely cuts into the time I need to spend on my art. Hope you do an occasional post so we can see what you are up to. Good luck! Above all write the way you can enjoy it most.

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    • I really don’t think i could just up and stop blogging, but I do have to find some time for other things that interest me. Thanks so much for your feedback Dolores!


  5. well – as you can see Georgia – people would notice- and yes, you would be missed. But perhaps, all you need to do is take some time away – step back – stop, breathe – and if that means you stop posting and only read the odd post from time to time – or do whatever suits your needs at the moment – then do it!

    Burn out – it’s ugly. Sometimes, we just get too overwhelmed – and when the feeling persists – lingers – and you feel tired and exhausted trying to keep up – never having the good moments to create what matters most in your heart – then it’s time to step off – and rest.

    How you choose to re-structure and re-arrange can only be chosen by you – and that’s fine. Those who know you, love you, are moved by you many generous works available will understand – with no judgement. Besides – it’s good to spring clean yes?

    And for when and if you are ready to come back – new and refreshed – over over-hauled and with new parameters and boundaries – we will be waiting.

    Hugs to you and hoping you find the peace in spirit and balance you need 🙂

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    • Thanks MJ … you described the feeling of burn out very very well .. far better than I. I’ve written more than a post a day since I began blogging and have taken very few days off … I guess it’s beginning to get too heavy. I’m thinking that I’ll blog on one of my alternative blogs as home blog until I get the Library back into shape. Whatever I decide, i’ll write a Just a Note to inform everyone who follows the blog, making it a sticky post. In the meantime, I want to thank you for your advice and support!

      Hugs to you too and thanks again.

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