Protest – Choka – May 28, 2015

cloying smell of death
destruction of mankind’s past
ah – bedraggled times
truculent avid blindness
our “enlightenment”
destroyed Nimrod and Hattra
in the name of peace
soon to follow Palmyra
the list grows and grows
what men are these I wonder
who negate their past –

fanatical peace lovers
true – blind Narcissists
ah but you say (and ’tis true)
destroying cultures
are conquerors favoured plans
down-trod people’s past –
from Mayans to stone Buddhas
nay even before
fell Jericho
salt Carthage – no – nothing new

Ah – but here’s the rub
we pretend we’re far above
our cruel heritage …
enlightened destroyers we rage
still – like locusts in the grain

© G.s.k. ‘15

Whether the destruction is by a missile or dynamite, whether the destruction is perpetrated by fanatical religious groups, ideological movements or wanton greed … the fact remains, that in the bright world of technological wonders, we have a caveman’s brain … we’re territorial, violent and very short-sighted – we let ourselves be driven by these instincts and never stop to think what we may be doing, except to cry alligator tears later.

No sugar on the pill … let’s not pretend that everyone isn’t somehow involved in the same hot-wired impulses.  One of the reasons we keep on doing what we do, is because we don’t take the responsibility of our deeper emotional instincts … we point our finger to the “other” … always and forever.  Just open any newspaper, any information site and read carefully … it doesn’t matter if it’s right or left …  Christian or Muslim … we’re all in the same boat and we all want that boat for ourselves.


17 thoughts on “Protest – Choka – May 28, 2015

    • We need peace and we need enlightenment. Too often people think that peace is only gained defeating an enemy, but we don’t understand that usually there is no enemy to defeat … unless it’s the leaders and instigators of hate and fear.


    • The instigators gain power creating a supposed solidarity against an enemy. They want us to live in hate and fear, people who are afraid are more easily manipulated.


in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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