“WOW*” – remonstrate – free verse – May 30, 2015



Long Distance Passion

just empty words without form
empty without life
like a poem without rhyme
you remonstrate and say to me …

but these words are very real
imagination’s blooming flower
born in this dark midnight hour
these words that  fill my empty soul
reminding me of other times
of passion and desire

they set my body and life on fire
ah – the beauty of his sweet caress
(as he runs his finger down my breast)
what if only vicariously
I have him and he has me

your remonstrating can ever change
what I feel for him today
he fills my needs he is my love
he lives here with me – inside my soul
though our lips have never met.

© G.s.k. 15

WOW* or Word of the Week provided today’s word: remonstrate – and I’m linking this free verse poem to Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie as well …

18 thoughts on ““WOW*” – remonstrate – free verse – May 30, 2015

      • I’m neither mom nor grandma (obviously), so I mother anybody who gets within arms reach–including in the cyber neighborhood. A new neighbor moved in this weekend, so I was baking “real”, not box, brownies and taking leftovers to her for dinner–and now the muse storm!


  1. If someone fills our needs for love then other people’s remonstrations really matter very little in the face of that fulfillment, don’t they?? Loved this, found it soulful and resonant 🙂


  2. Super! It’s amazing how I get the “feeling” of intensity from your words when you allow yourself to “free flow” – without as much structure – you should try it more often – let yourself breathe a bit 😉

    Stunning piece 😀


    • Thanks very much … I usually free flow with wordles or the like … I’ve actually written more than 300 free verse poetry over the last couple of years … but I do like the forms as well … they help make my free verse a little more than prose in poetry structure. Thanks for you great feedback!

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