Monday Wordle – June 1, 2015

reel in your rancor
oh testimony of the crucifix
that symbol of torture
made sacred to many
t’was an instrument of shame
used by jealous bigots
to halt the terse words
of the gentle Man

the urge to surge
and croon anathemas
with effervescent ease
just seems to me grotesque
you with your viscous threads
of hatred
would have thrown the first stone
whilst shouting your “amens”

© G.s.k. ‘15


1. Terse 2. Reel 3. Rancor (bitter, rankling resentment or ill will; hatred; malice) 4. Surge 5. Crucifix 6. Testimony 7. Croon 8. Effervesce (to issue forth in bubbles) 9. Cromulent (fine, acceptable) 10. Grotesque 11. Viscous (of a glutinous nature or consistency; sticky; thick; adhesive) 12. Hexagonal

This very challenging wordle was provided by Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie and can be found Here … I wasn’t able to work cromulent or hexagonal into the wordle …

cromulent ideal
a hexagonal symbol
open Star of David

30 thoughts on “Monday Wordle – June 1, 2015

  1. WOW!!!
    Once again I’ll say it — you’re the master of the wordle.
    And you’re quite right. They would have thrown the first stone. But I’ll not preach to the choir here. Really — very, very well done.


    • Well dear CC … this world seems to be so full of these sorts … one wonders if we’d all just stop judging wouldn’t the world perhaps be a little easier to live in.


  2. Yes, I agree with all that has been mentioned. It is always those who would wish to through the first stones that have the most to gain as well as hide (at least in my opinion).

    One of the history shows that I watched inform as to the priests and how the wanted power so much that they continually sought ways to fool the masses. False angels to tell you of the dead after you had been starved, drugged and questioned, crying statuary that had tears of false blood pumped from another room. Preaching to be frugal telling you do dine on the fat, while they dined on the lean. And that could fit many different ancient, as well as present religious settings. Though some who teach peace do practice it. There were a couple of words I too struggled with – though I got them all in. – Thank you for your kind words. I have fun with mashing the prompts ;).

    And I also liked the haiku – though I find it discouraging that some Orthodox (that I know) only practiced some of their rules at home, and not in public – a fine double standard there. And some of the Orthodox rules are stiflingly as restrictive as some other faiths. My friend told me that some Orthodox prefer the company of non Jews rather than other Jews who don’t practice as strictly as they might. Perfection of peace I fear we cannot find in any man made religion. And I knew an Orthodox Jew who basically said all religion was man made.


    • Wow … well as it were I can only say that I agree … though some have had wisdom and hoped to teach us things that would have made community and individual life a better experience, others have created structures using that wisdom for their own purposes that had little to do with the common good. I’m not partial to any structured religion … today as in the past, the manipulators of the people who take any ideal and twist it until those who once pronounced the words of love and wisdom wouldn’t even recognize their own words are myriad … our only hope is in evolution … in the sociological sense of the word, that we might evolve emotionally and begin to see that all of mankind and indeed all that walks upon this planet, is one … there is nothing and no one more sacred than life in all its forms and manifestations. We who would think that we are above life, that we are more special than any other creature are delusional and dangerous to the whole living planet as well as to ourselves.

      Glad you liked the haiku .. which I’d only written in order to use the words hexagonal and cromulent … it occurred to me that the star of David which is two triangles one on the other, if you attach the points becomes a hexagon …
      so just a cromulent a symbol as the star.

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