Friendship – June 12, 2015

A gift from Tumbler

we walked together
not always hand in hand
our goals common
always sharing good and bad
whispered secrets
we shared – our strength our love
as time passed
the bond seemed stronger still
though life is funny
in just one short moment
something changed
though we’re still the best of friends
we each walk another road

Walking in a vale of tears, or laughing into the rain and sun, what makes this life more livable is the one you can call, your friend.  Lovers, spouses, siblings and other relationships … though lasting, satisfying and intimate often lack that special quality that we call friendship.  We often say our spouse is our friend … but usually that’s not true. The very nature of marriage precludes the altruistic quality that should be found in friendship. Or maybe I’m just “wishfully” thinking that it’s possible to know someone and share who one really is, without a mask, without holding back.

a knot of love
invisible to all but us

© G.s.k. ‘15

Written for: Heeding Haiku With HA: Friendship

18 thoughts on “Friendship – June 12, 2015

  1. Beautifully written — achingly painful, my friend. Whether it’s a marriage or a “simple” friendship I suppose we always hold something back out of self defense. Especially if we’ve been hurt a few times. Or when we fear that people will reject us for our follies.

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    • and of course you’re right here … one tends to want to idealize friendship or in fact any relationship … we want the togetherness, we want someone to be close and ache to be known and loved … but it’s so hard to trust when trust has never been something that’s paid off … glad you enjoyed the poem Paloma .. hugs.

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  2. I was not a natural wanderer… I think before marriage I had move over 20 times, and even in marriage this is our fourth home. It is tough to develop a ‘best friendship’ with others that way.
    The internet is also a paradox in that it allows us to be both intimate as we remain individuals…
    Thank you for being part of the writing ‘family’ that I have come to know and trust through our shared words.


    • I know what you’re talking about … I think if I’d had the choice I might have been one of those persons who only travels to visit someone but I’d loved to have a “home” to come back to. And yes … internet is certainly a paradox!

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