Reenactment – The Bitch – July 14, 2015

In the not so distant past, around 1430 in fact,  when it was difficult to distinguish the honest and the dishonest … The Lama del Conte have created a play that brings to life the dark times of the late middle ages when bandits ran wild in the country-side and the officials who had been nominated to keep the peace were often as ruthless and dishonest as the bandits themselves.

This is the story of “the Bitch”  a woman who leads her own band of thieves. She’s  captured after the local Judge has provoked two passers-by to duel for his and his lady’s pleasure for a purse full of money.  The duel ends with one of the men being killed and the other wounded. The Judge drops the purse of money near the hand of the wounded man, then runs him through with his sword.

The “Bitch” soon comes on the scene and sees the dead men and the purse so she decides to take the money.  Unfortunately at that moment, some city guards happen on the scene and arrest her for the murder of the two men and theft.  She is then recognized as the famous bandit leader. The next scene is the scene of her execution.  The Judge reads the edict to the public and offers her clemency … but what he wants she’s not willing to give so she spits in his face.

Just as the executioner is about to chop off her head, three of her men intervene.  A battle takes place as the Judge hides behind the priest.  His men lose the battle, the bandits make good their escape, though one of them is wounded. The Judge’s captain of the guard is wounded and he’s holding the money that was found on the “Bitch’s” person when she was captured, not only the purse the Judge had left but quite a bit more money .

The Judge fearful for his life, decides to take the money and make good his escape to his home province and kills his own captain.  Along the trail, the Judge falls into an ambush and is killed, the legend has it by the “Bitch” herself.

Here are some photos from the play:

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4 thoughts on “Reenactment – The Bitch – July 14, 2015

  1. Interesting how the strong woman is always a “bitch”!
    Thank you for sharing this — very interesting! And it made me smile. 🙂


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