Day Dreams – June 19, 2015

baby swallows

baby swallows

watching fascinated
they stretch their wings learn to fly
little swallows

off to Africa
leaping from the window sill
just a step away


in my imagination
as I gaze out my window
summer mist rises
off from the mountain tops
a story comes to mind
of a voyage in the sky
shrouded in vapour
and a young swallow’s flight
first lone journey
far from her mighty brothers
off to Africa
she flies looking for her home
over land and seas
under sun and stars and rain
until she sees a tree
a baobab I think it is
near a crystal lake
under the warm bright sun
at last she finds her home and love

© G.s.k. ‘15

Swallows often return to where they were born, with their new spouses and make their nest.  This spring, I’d noticed a lone sparrow of what had been a group of three chicks, sitting under my loggia. Soon the swallow was joined by another and an old nest that had been abandoned for the last two years became their home.  I noticed the chicks just a few weeks ago .. an astounding 5 babies!  Day before yesterday they finally left their nest to stretch their wings for the first time.  The aerial show under my window is a sight to see as the babies, still pretty fuzzy, swirl around the street and court-yard.  They pass most of the day though sitting where their parents sat this spring … chattering like mad when their parents bring them some tidbit to eat.


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in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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