From Mamma to Mamma – June 19, 2015

mommy picked-up all his toys
made his bed and shared his joys
Mary always backed him up
especially if he were in a funk
Mabel listened in rapt joy
swooning at his every word
and all he’d say was “me, me, me”

years went by and like Dorian Grey
he saw the world as his own thing
women came and women went
building his ego before they left
until there came a time
when all that he could see
was a shadow sitting in a mirror
and still he only said; “me, me, me”

he never lifted a finger once
in all the years he walked the earth
Narcissist and a three-year old
were freer than our hero, see
he knew all the words
how fine he spoke …
but his words were empty, just so much smoke
behind them were just “me, me, me”

and when he passed out from this world
he’d never learnt to be a man
he was only there to canonize
his own shadow and his own words
he inspired love that is true
but others lived and others grew
for him the world was his own image
made up of so many “me, me, mes”

© G.s.k. ‘15

People talk about woman’s lib, and of course, what we’re really talking about is the right of women to be able to prosper in the world without having to compromise in a world where men hold the purse strings and social power.

It’s long been my opinion that what we really need is a male liberation movement.  Starting with mothers who should insist that our sons take an active part in creating  relationships that “work” … and by this I mean that we should help them grow up and go beyond that stage in life where everything is “just about me” … on about three years old.

This is a common problem in Italy, land of “mammismo” or where mother’s dote on their sons.  If you happen to go into an Italian home where there’s a daughter and a son, you’ll see that she’s the one who helps around the house, is expected to be an understanding and attentive person, while he walks around like a fancy cock whom everyone adores, especially his mamma.  This is a common problem in Italy but it’s my experience that more or less, this is true from Africa to the U.S.A., the only difference being first of all in degree and secondly that in Italy the problem is recognized and sometimes (but not often) corrected.

7 thoughts on “From Mamma to Mamma – June 19, 2015

  1. PERFECT, Bastet. Perfect.
    And even when it’s not as blatant as this – the “boys will be boys” attitude falls into this category.


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