A Thin Red Line — June 26, 2015

shooting blind
who will die who will kill
no one knows – they shoot

where is the sense
what makes them better than me
or me better than them

is there an answer
maybe hidden in a bunker
where no grenade explodes

where are we going
where ever have we been
did we ever really live

look around
leaves growing green in spring
life blossoms

the sun warms the earth
filtering through the trees
the wet earth – a sweet perfume

they tell you to shoot
kill your enemy – then weep
when you shoot up a school

fear, envy, blindness
we walk in the shadow of evil
and close our eyes

blinded by blood-red light
we no longer see that we’re one
part of a whole

We are
lost … lost

© G.s.k. ‘15

We were a family. How’d it break up and come apart so that now we’re turned against each other, each standing in the other’s light? How’d we lose the good that was given us, let it slip away, scattered, careless? What’s keeping us from reaching out, touching the glory?

The Thin Red Line


6 thoughts on “A Thin Red Line — June 26, 2015

  1. Very emotional for me, I cannot wrap around my thoughts to solving this:
    “where are we going
    where ever have we been
    did we ever really live”.
    Thank you for sharing your writing, it always makes me think, and try.


    • Thanks for your lovely comment Oloriel … the realities of war never fails to make me ask: why. It seems such an ingrained part of human affairs. Even in this era … we still have war with us, maybe not in our back yard, but it’s there skulking throughout out world … sigh.


    • Yikes … 5 hours of Vietnam is hair-raising! I left the States when that war was at its height. Unfortunately seems that we just can’t move on from that aspect (war) of our history. I’d like to think that if we could just stop and think we might someday overcome the urge to war. I also think that we’re still basically the same creatures, emotionally speaking, as those who lived in a savanna long ago and fought outsiders for their piece of territory. Who knows, we might still evolve.


in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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