18 thoughts on “Mid Year – July 1, 2015

  1. I missed the fireflies while I was away. I was on the 7th floor. I did see a large mayfly on the window – I was able to take a photo of it. Though I do not yet know how to show it to you.
    The glow-bugs may have been around and in Kentucky, but they are so abundant in my back yard. So, yes it is good to be home.


    • LOL Jules … I’ve never understood what you don’t understand about uploading a photo. I use IrfanView to resize the photos to 800 x 800 pixels (that makes them light enough to upload without any problems) then just use “Media” from my dashboard where I’m writing my piece … add photo … find the folder, click the photo and once it’s on the Media Page on my WordPress Editor click add photo (one gets 4 choices of how big the photo will be) and there it is in my post.

      Anyway, i know that glorious feeling of being home … it’s nice to travel and see new things but it becomes nicer once one is back home again … or that’s how I feel.

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      • I’ll copy and paste this…
        It’s just the getting from point ‘a’ to point ‘b’.
        Getting it from the camera card or another part of the computer to wp.
        I just don’t speak ‘computer’.
        One of these days… 🙂


        • Well … the idea is that you copy and paste your photos into a file on your computer … usually your camera card can be read by the computer like a flash drive (my camera gives me the 3 choices when I plug it into the computer via the USB cord). Then I re-size them (I also edit them but that a whole different ball-game) and then I can up-load them via WP’s – Add Media on my editing page as I said earlier. IF your camera didn’t come with a USB cord this is a fine opportunity to go to either a computer or camera store to buy one (they don’t cost very much) that is suitable for your camera … not Walmarts – they have cords to but no service. Take your laptop with you and have them show you what to do to download photos to your laptop. They’re usually pretty helpful.

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