The Dentist – Just a note – July 5, 2015

she’ll be waiting
drill in her hands – foot tapping
the dentist

at ten o’clock sharp
summer heat alters tempers
best not be late

trying to write but that deadline
makes me sweat more

going to the hills
may not be a bad idea
hot summer day

© G.s.k. ‘15

I’ve got to run … I’ve got a dental appointment that I’ve put off for a few months for one reason or another and alas, today I’ve no excuse to put it off any longer .. sigh.  The weatherman has promised us the hottest day of the year (so far) today … so not only will I have to sit through a filling but I’ll probably be dripping hot as well.  Oh well … it is what it is and so, I’m off for breakfast and a shower.  Have a great day!


36 thoughts on “The Dentist – Just a note – July 5, 2015

      • I can imagine–I avoid the dentist like the bubonic plague (my excuse is no insurance!)–I was traumatized as a child, so it’s a serious phobia, not just being a drama queen.


        • I’ve not really got a phobia against the dentist … let’s just say a healthy wish to avoid them … a hint of paranoia (I always wonder if they really have to do what they SAY they have to do which began when I was around 16 and the dentist decided I had to have a molar pulled when I’d just gone in for the annual check-up – since then I always question their decisions and you’d be surprised at how they often come up with alternative less expensive cures) and a feeling that avoiding them is why I still have most of my teeth.


          • Your right on about this–the last time I was in, the dr was quite dramatic about how ALL my fillings needed to be replaced, and SOON. Well, I didn’t fall for that one–and it’s been several years. The guy had something like 8 or 9 kids, so….a mouthful of new fillings would help him out, surely.


          • Yeah … I’ve been fed that line too … and most all of my fillings date back to 1966 … this last round the molar my dentist worked on had an old filling and so she decided to take out the old stuff … which is why it took so long. She says it was a good thing because the cavity had worked in from the side down under the old filling. I once (and only once) allowed a dentist to do root canal work on a pre-molar … the darn thing disintegrated after a few years … so now they can either find a way to keep it alive or they can pull it … two of my old filled teeth broke … one now has a capsule and the other has been reconstructed because I refused the root canal work (a very expensive operation over here).


          • Yes, I was offered the “root canal or pull it” option, and chose pulling. Just the sound of “root canal” had me quaking and nauseous! Why, I wonder, is root canal work more expensive in Italy?


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