Utabukuro – Rain – July 10, 2015

When I write haiku, I try to write about what’s happening around me, even if I’m writing for a prompt … that’s not always easy of course.

One of the subjects that I’ve written extensively about is rain.  Last year we had a very very rainy summer so of course it was easy to write about rain!  The haiku I’m going to show you though came from a period when I wasn’t yet writing for CDHK. In 2013 I wrote a haiku a day (more or less) beginning around March – most of them are now private)  inspiring myself from the world around me .. and lo!  I discovered that I’d written quite a few about rain – often using the rain as a metaphor for what I was feeling at the time – so using the rain to express sadness.

July 5, 2013

from hard night’s rain
dawn watery puddled clouds
serene illusions

April 28, 2013

yesterday’s sadness
tear drops in the rain
carefully hidden

July 13, 2103

muddy yellow sky
like dried-up African clay
contemplating rain

July 25, 2013

sunset and golden sky
glowing rays rain from the clouds
mountains wet with sun

October 1,2013

puzzle swirling change
inside a vision of life
outside falling rain

But perhaps my favourite of all my rain haiku it the following – based on one of my first photographs for this blog:

Rain Lights

Rain Lights

sunshine rain fall
crystals drop before my eyes
noon-tide fairy lights

( originally – for I’ve since edited this haiku:

July 22, 2013

rain falls in sunshine
crystal drops eye’s delight
fairy lights at noon)


Haiku for July eighth’s rain:

kettledrum concert
booming in the mountains
then silent rain drops

standing in the rain
ah – this wilted flower sighs
with each cooling drop

© G.s.k. ‘15

Written for: Carpe Diem Utabukuro #4 tears falling

16 thoughts on “Utabukuro – Rain – July 10, 2015

  1. Wow …your 2013 haiku are really beautiful Georgia, no need to keep them private. As i read your today response … than i can only say your haiku skills have grown. Two nice haiku for the present time … don’t close them in your private collection … they are diamonds.


    • Thanks very much Chèvrefeuille. I’ve been trying to transfer them onto Word to eventually catalogue them and put together an e-book … but it’s a rather slow process.


  2. We all have favorite themes – or meaningful themes – we revisit. So interesting to see your rain haiku over the past two years 🙂

    Kettledrum concert is a great image 🙂


      • Yes, I must not complain, Sasketchewan has been on fire for so long…here it was sunny today, sunny forecast tomorrow with 30C and 80% humidity making it feel like 40…I feel like there is a furnace under my skin…but better than minus 20!


        • Ugh … I know that muggy feeling of humidity and warm temps … and yes it’s better than minus 20 … but it would be so nice to have just normal warm weather without all the humidity … So sorry about Saskatchewan – I travelled through it as a youth going to Alaska my first taste of Canada actually.


in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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