Straw Hat (Mugiwara boush) – July 11, 2015

Old Straw Hat

Old Straw Hat

old straw hat
memory of a long-lost summer
neglected on a chair


in this hot sunshine
wearing his old straw hat
shaded – protected
except from the memories
of their love now long past

G.s.k. ‘15

Written for Carpe Diem #773 Mugiwara boushi (straw hat)


on a dust heap
left over from the regatta
a bright new straw hat
that someone abandoned

he picked it up as a lark
[on a summer evening walk]
his girlfriend squealed
in fastidious disdain

taken home – abandoned
it gathered dust on a chair
as forgotten as that summer walk

a change of ribbon
[bright satin green]
now the forgotten straw hat
serves its purpose again

G.s.k. ‘15

(* Dinggedicht or Object Poem was introduced by Rainer Maria Rilke in the early 1900s – for more information click HERE)

14 thoughts on “Straw Hat (Mugiwara boush) – July 11, 2015

    • Haiku is so special … a concentration of emotions inside what can seem like a banal image – which is why, although I like trying out new forms I return to waka and haiku. Thanks for reading Hamish.


  1. It’s wonderful how you managed to combine two different forms – and even though each stands as its own piece – the two work well together – a compliment 🙂

    Lovely each – in its own way – but then, the subject of straw hats – well most everyone can find an inspired event or memory – and you’ve done an exceptional job in telling the stories 😀


in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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