Screen Door – Memories of childhood – July 13, 2015

Screen Door

Screen Door

summer days
slamming the screen door
they go out to play

© G.s.k. ‘15

“Shut the damn screen door and keep out the flies” … her summer memories.

barbecued ribs
flapping screen door
dancing the twist

whining spring
screeches on the screen door
crash! wood against wood

old screen door
hooked against the summer wind
tornado warnings

Don’t slam that door … her useless admonitions each summer evening.

memory of her …
each time the screen door slams
after fifty years

© G.s.k. ‘15

Written for Carpe Diem #775 Amido (screen door or window screen)

(Of course … these haiku [mostly American Haiku and American Sentences)  are not about “amido” which is a lovely rice paper screens used in Japanese shoji] whcih will be for another series … I think just about every American child of the 1950s probably heard, at least once, one of the phrases or sounds above … and for all I know some may still hear them, like I do every time the screen door slams in the summer.)

18 thoughts on “Screen Door – Memories of childhood – July 13, 2015

  1. Beautiful expressions of what – for many – were iconic to summer – and the escape – the bid to the great outdoors and adventures.
    There is something inherently beautiful about the weight, shape, form and volume – yes, in the sound sense – of these functional yet highly imaginative doors – for what lies on the other side?

    Lovely sentiments captured here Georgia 🙂


    • Thanks MJ … when I saw the words “screen door ” I heard a slam in my memory … I could have kept on writing about that door and all the visions of summer that came to mind. Actually .. these memories seem to be all attached to one particular summer … when I was nine years old .. making iced tea with my Mom, drawing chalk houses on the tarmac in the parking lot behind our house, going to Hanover Lake (I lived on McGuire AFB in New Jersey at the time.)

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  2. so many lovely and funny memories with an old screen door. My own screen door memories always have a squeak in them. My favorite in this wonderful collection is “tornado warning.” Love it.


    • Oooo … the squeak of screen doors is a great memory too … that would be the spring …. glad you enjoyed the collection … tornado warning was the odd man out, it came from an “Illinois” memory … the other’s were from a summer in New Jersey. Happy you enjoyed the post!


  3. Lovely childhood memories. Who does not slam a screen door? I still do. Bet that kid in New Jersey never thought she would end up in Italy blogging with eccentric (nutty) poets from all over the world:)


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