Wordleing Tragedy – July 14, 2015

- 5 letters

5 letters (from Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie)

dialing 112
that shattering evening
what had been a shady paradise
of drifting light and fun
transformed into the tragedy
of fingers poking from the carousel
the lolling horses no longer prancing
bathed in the wrathful tears
of a mother’s deep sorrow …
fairy lights danced in the night
under the Eiffel tower
ignoring the bomb
of a madman.

© G.s.k. ‘15

(this of course never happened in Paris that I know of … )


THIS WEEK’S WORDS come from “The Children Are Coming Slowly up the Stairs” by Thomas Hornsby Ferril: dialing, shattering, shady, drifting, poking, posts, fingers, loll, prance, bathe, wrathful, deep

Written for: Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Photo Challenge # 69 and Sunday’s Whirligig


24 thoughts on “Wordleing Tragedy – July 14, 2015

  1. This really isn’t that far fetched. In the news a bit ago was a tragedy of some ‘folks’ falling off an amusement park ride. Fiction often mimics truth. But at least not in Paris….

    I fully understand about misdirection of word lists. One word jumps out and you have an idea… and then it gets totally twisted from the original thought. I didn’t get to the photo yet. I had Little Miss over for a few hours. And spent a good part of the morning using rolled up newspaper and old wallpaper to build a sort of (but not quite completely pyramid type) tent for inside the house for her. Sort of like this:
    But I covered up a few sides leaving two doors and several windows.


    • I do remember playing tents in the house on summer days .. what a fantastic way to pass the day, good for you and happy Little Miss!

      Yes, the poem is far from far fetched … putting bombs in public places are some people’s idea of making a political statement, unfortunately. Hopefully these times will quickly pass.

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      • When I read of escaped criminals, successful robberies, uncontrollable fire and cowards who become human bombs… I cringe.

        I was thinking my comment connection was far fetched… your poem though is very close, unfortunately to reality.

        I was just thinking that one could make one of those Newspaper tents, and cover it with plastic or packing tape to protect the paper rods first and then cover it with colored plastic sheets and it would be cool for outside too… You could put five of the triangles together and cover it to make your own shade umbrella or carefully wire it for a type of patio lantern… especially if you covered the paper rods with maybe a thin foil and then used a the right kind of material or even brown craft paper (possibly decorated – sponge painted maybe). The five triangles together are just about four feet across.


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