Streetwise – Wordle Rap – July 28, 2015

clown and dog

what do you know
of ganglion gangs
in the metro
dressed in rags
implosive creatures
delinquent forms
from that charnel house
called art school ..
their geometric
outside the brackets
of the art racket
nearing the heights
of a cheap hell
or life

depends on your point of view
you can swoon
or croon
maybe you just ignore
that cryptic gore
or renouncing
this modern world
of zombies
that walk down the streets
greeting whomever they meet
you’d think they were alive
until you realize
their eyes are dead …
money honey
is their only desire
it set their minds on fire
ate out their soul
’til nothing was left

or otherwise
wall street vampires
have wrapped their ganglion tendrils
around your mind
have bought your soul
until you just don’t know
what life is
unless it has a price tag –
and everybody whispers:
is a big gun ….

© G.s.k. ‘15

Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Wordle #71 “July 27, 2015″

1. Streetwise, 2. Ganglion (a mass of nerve tissue existing outside the central nervous system, Pathology: a cyst or enlargement in connection with the sheath of a tendon, usually at the wrist. a center of intellectual or industrial force, activity, etc.) 3. Rags, 4. Bracket 5. Implosive 6. Creepy 7. Delinquent 8. Geometric 9. Cheap 10. Near 11. Charnel (a repository for dead bodies) 12. Extend

14 thoughts on “Streetwise – Wordle Rap – July 28, 2015

  1. Art school as a charnel house? Say it ain’t so! Make me glad I never turned in that pirate sketch 😉

    Again — magnificent! A powerful rap.


    • Well … now days schools often just churn out a lot of — whatever, mostly for market consumption. You can’t really compare them to the old art movements. Some installations are real crap. I do like some of the graffiti though … it can be breath-taking.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Awesome! Really awesome. Each stanza works on its own – and blends seamlessly with the others. And such a skilled use of the wordle words – totally rich – in the imagery and metaphorical sense – great job! 😀


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