The Benefits of a Mid or Late Series Detour Tale

An interesting suggestion and probably very beneficial if you’re into “serious” or “dark” writing … thanks Charles!

Legends of Windemere

For context, Dean dies repeatedly in that episode while the day repeats with only Sam knowing.  There is an actual reason for that to happen, which is revealed at the end and I won’t spoil the fun.  Seriously, it got to Looney Tunes level events in that one and I do not feel bad for laughing.  (I’ll make the Dean fans happy at the end of this.)

Anyway, I’m going to dive into the benefits of putting a lighthearted book/story/subplot into the middle of a lengthy series.  I call it a ‘Detour Tale’ since it takes the characters away from the main story while still making progress and eventually getting back on track.  After all, not every detour will get you lost and you’re still going to get to where you were going.  Just something came up and a new adventure was born.  That happens in real life and can…

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