30 Days of Haiga – Haiga 19 – September 19, 2015

haiga 19

I liked the idea of shoreline on Rick’s list of prompts … this is actually the second haiga I made this morning … here is the first, which doesn’t seem quite right:

Haiga 19_small

This post is linked to 30 DOH created by Rick Daddario.

11 thoughts on “30 Days of Haiga – Haiga 19 – September 19, 2015

  1. Both these haiku are lovely. I particularly like the first one but the second photo is lovely too.. I’ve been tossing the prompt around in my mind for hours and haven’t come up with anything much at all.


    • Well … I preferred the second photo, but the haiku on the first … maybe I should have joined the two, but the ku didn’t seem to fit that photo. Hope to see yours later today or tomorrow!

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  2. I love them both, cara!! since there are no leaves yet (why would there be at 29C!! today?) but the crunch of sand brings me to my trip last month…I am contemplating that prompt still. Your photos are just exquisite, ma chère!!


    • Thanks dear … actually we’ve had a few cold days and some trees actually started turning … but today it was 30° … just got back from a long long walk … we left at 9:00 in the morning and finally got home at 6:00 … we lunched at the lake so it wasn’t all walking 😉


in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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