Autumn Lullaby – Ghazal – September 24, 2015

pomegrantes and castle

Write for me an autumn lullaby
Sing for me your autumn lullaby

These autumn winds sigh each night –  a lullaby
And days grow languid – light as a lullaby

Rich has been the harvest – bring your lullaby
Let the earth fall asleep –  sing a lullaby

Little children will shout your lullaby
And men will speak about your lullaby

And then Georgia will hum your winsome lullaby
Your song for the autumn your crimson lullaby

© G.s.k. ‘15

Here is how you write a ghazal:

1. Every verse is a 2-line couplet, (unless your Robert Bly) with around 4 to 10 couplets in total.
2. Each line must contain the same number of syllables.
3. Every verse ends in the same word(s) preceded by a rhyme.
The same repeating word(s) is/are called a radif, and the rhyme is called a qaafiya.
4. In the first couplet, both lines end with a qaafiya (rhyme) and radif (repeating word(s)).
5. Each verse is considered a separate mini-poem, so there is no need for any connection between couplets.
6. The last verse is traditionally a signature couplet in which you include your first or last name (or nickname).

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in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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