51 thoughts on “Autumn Moon – Jisei – September 25, 2015

  1. Even more lovely and delicate than the photos are the words. I am not surprised at the beautiful work you did for these poems. I am so glad to see you visiting us over here at d’Verse. Please come again!


    • Thank you Kanzensakura … a pleasure to visit d’Verse after being away a long time … I do enjoy dropping by from time to time, but have many difficulties commenting on everyone’s posts .. which are very often on Blogger … the last time I linked here one of your administers at the time was very forceful in making it clear that I should comment everyone … which I cannot do. But the jisei was too hard for me to pass up. 🙂


      • I’m not sure which team member did that. We like people to read and comment but it is hard to read them all. Even many of the team members do not do that. I do but some do not. I had to get a whole separate Gmail/google id to be able to comment on Blogger. I got a gmail address just for that purpose and do not use it to get email or anything else, just for commenting. Some others (visitors) use an odd format that is twitter or some such nonsense and only if you tweet can you comment. So I don’t comment on those. truly, please do visit and bring your wonderful work to share with us, especially your beautiful haiga. Some people are really bad about dropping and running which of course, happens in all communities. If you go under the category, d’Team and get the members and just comment on those, I think that would be fine. I myself take a couple of days to read and comment since the link is up for 33 hours I don’t feel a necessity to hurry up and read/comment. So please, do not be a stranger. Some people only visit on the open link nights because they don’t care for prompts and that is fine. Many of them are regulars and some do comment back if you comment on them but don’t think they worry about commenting on all. Personally, I’d like to see some proper haiku besides my own! I’m doing a prompt and instruction for tanka at some point – not quite sure when but in Oct, I think. The discussions are always interesting as well, on the pub page. So…visit when you can, have fun, and let us enjoy your photographic and poetic beauties!


  2. What a visual Jisei, Cara. I must check the prompt but It’s not a site I find inviting. But I may write another Jisei anyway. Autumn reminds me if death so much. After the vibrant colors fall death breathes down my neck. I Shudder


in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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