Sculptress of Words – Tanka/Haiku – September 28, 2015

under the autumn moon
the poet sculpts a world
with words

© G.s.k. ‘15

moulding words
with an ounce of emotion
the poet writes
creating pastel visions
of an unknown inner world

 © G.s.k. ‘15

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24 thoughts on “Sculptress of Words – Tanka/Haiku – September 28, 2015

          • Yep … I’ve always tried to avoid the click and go … but then what happens is I don’t do either … so I’m trying to learn to do some clicking and going …


          • Sometimes it’s all we can do, there’s nothing meaningful we can say; but I think some bloggers use it too frequently. That’s their right, of course–but it doesn’t inspire me to follow/read/comment on their work…


          • Yeah I know what you mean … there are days when I just can’t do either … family problems – seems that I spend too much time on the computer – so I usually only write at dawn and try to at least answer people who comment. :-/


          • Well it seems to be a common problem actually with people who write and live with people who don’t write. As long as I was painting (and he was busy with his art work and interests) we had few problems … but now he sees the computer as a sort of rival having taken me away from “real art” (and he doesn’t have much to keep him occupied or he’s down in the dumps etc.) he starts harping at me about being on the computer too much. He’s 10 years older than I am and though he is able to put a computer into working order, he doesn’t know how to use them effectively (and believe me it’s a pain when he does try to use it …) So on days like today, when I got up late and he didn’t go for out for some reason .. I wind up not going on line for most of the day.


          • Oh goodness…I shouldn’t laugh, but I confess I’m chuckling, ever so glad I don’t have to deal with a “visible” person. The only fuss my Ghost-love ever makes is to ask “are we ever going to have dinner?” (which is hilarious, since a ghost can’t eat food); and he thinks it’s a deplorable habit I’ve gotten into–not going to bed till nearly dawn…(he’s 32 yrs my senior and rather paternal).
            I do wonder if there’s scientific reason for the disconnect between your partner’s artistic abilities, and his inability to effectively use the computer? That sort of thing fascinates me…but since you are a multi-faceted artist yourself, and can use the computer equally well, maybe it’s just a fluke with him… Computer as rival–I dare say there’s a lot of that going on, artists or no… Sounds like you’re willing to keep the peace, and that’s gracious of you 🙂

            Liked by 1 person

          • Well … I’d probably laugh myself if I had the luck of having a Ghost-lover .. sound fun 🙂

            His problems with computers is the same problem that he has with people actually … he expects everything to happen the way he wants it to happen and has no patience with the unexpected … but he has enough good points in his favour that I still wish to keep the peace.


          • Ohhh, he does sound familiar…I don’t do well in relationships, not flexible enough. I was hoping I had enough “good points” to make it worth somebody’s while–but to date, Ghost-love is the only one who’ll put up with me…and that’s fine!


  1. Enjoyed the haiku very much – and much truth in it. The tanka was very interesting, read like a poem. I was drawn by the word ‘pastel’ which gave it a classical air, but wondered why you made it so. It also renders the scene dreamy.


in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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