No, seriously America—#Umpqua #OregonShooting

I’m ever so happy when someone raises their voice against the free circulation of arms … Bravo Barb!

Barb Taub

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Seriously Rip Van Clueless? You’re really going to take it there? Cause here’s the thing… The eighties want their slogan back. The rock you crawled out from under wants you back. And the rest of us just want to point out that guns may not kill people, but a lot fewer of them will be killed without the guns.

My thoughts, prayers, and tears for the victims of the massacre at Umpqua College, for their families, and friends. We are all poorer for their loss.

My challenge to my country after 45 shootings at American schools this year alone:





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11 thoughts on “No, seriously America—#Umpqua #OregonShooting

      • Yes, you couldn’t pay me to join FB. I feel like I have to be cautious, as it is, in the WP community. I was going to say, what happened to “free speech?”, but the thing is, it goes both ways–detractors/those who disagree with our opinions are as free to speak as we are. So I try to keep my lips buttoned…..recently I felt mildly blasted re my Christian viewpoint…the guy just wanted to go on and on rather defensively, I felt, because of his non-Christian upbringing. I didn’t get embroiled in it (an amazing day of peace), but it was puzzling because I wasn’t saying anything against other beliefs–just talking about my own. Oh well–“mama said there’d be days like this, there’s be days like this, mama said”.


        • It seems that sometimes people use their beliefs as a sort of shield but a shield that they feel has to cover everyone or it doesn’t protect them at all … such was the guy who was worried about you being Christian … and him a non-Christian … but it’s not just about religion – it’s about all forms of ideology as well and sometimes it can be as silly as a belief that chocolate ice-cream is essential for human existence 🙂 Social networks for some reason tend to exasperate this mechanism – maybe because one is alone and doesn’t have to face the other person they’re “talking to” so they say things they’d normally never say ..


          • I love your first statement especially, and you’re right–it’s not just about religion. If I’d had the energy for the person I mentioned, I’d have talked about God giving men “free will, choice” to either accept His plan of salvation or not–and thus, I must respect others free will/choice as well. I don’t have to defend God–He’s way bigger than I am! I’m not a particularly good evangelist–I just share bits of my Faith experience sometimes, in hopes it will encourage others–and only to those who are open to hear it. And you’re also right about social media–some folks are less respectful, polite than they might be in person.

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  1. Shocked and horrified and sickened to witness Columbine … but who knew we’d have Columbines every 4 to 6 months????? Like Pres. Obama said … our thoughts and prayers just aren’t enough anymore. It’s time.


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