OctPoWritMos – Prose Poem – October 3, 2015

alley way


Here, looking for that day under the sun, walking down darkest alleyways, along some mystic trail … I’m wondering or maybe wandering.  Will the Muse today smile on me or pass me by, will this be another dull day … or will it be the day of fame, as I go wondering, just wandering.  What is this haughty call for fame, that racks my brain and embroils my words, why look to the world’s approval, why seek out that tarnished mirror, ah but now I’m wondering – just wandering.   The fall comes quickly they say, if you climb the mountaintop to fame – one day loudly hailed with banners and applause and then too soon forgotten – in misty muffled fog and yet that Lorelei calls to me (and I would follow willingly) … just to be … to be … ah, but I’m wondering – just wandering.  And now the evening’s come at last and yet another day has passed, no fame has knocked upon my door, no recognition, no acclaim – as I sit here on these dampened steps in this unknown alleyway, I welcome these serene shadows … and I keep wondering … or maybe wandering.

© G.s.k. ‘15

Yesterday I came upon two verses written by two different poets whom I greatly respect, Paul Lenzi (Fifteen Minuets) and Gary Maxwell (Sonnet (fame)) – the subject was “fame” which inspired me to write this prose poem. William Blake’s “Who can Stand”  seems to me a wonderful piece of prose poetry, which was to be a prologue for a dramatic piece on Edward the Fourth (never completed). It  is one of my favourite pieces of verse … here is a version by Loreena McKennitt which is very moving!


39 thoughts on “OctPoWritMos – Prose Poem – October 3, 2015

  1. Fabulous write, and photo, Bastet. I remember when I used to think “fame” would be nice, finally getting all that attention I was denied….but I’ve glimpsed the weighty burden attached, and that not many can carry it without losing their core selves, and sometimes their lives. Yes, I enjoy it when one or more readers really “grooves” on something I’ve written–but it would be dangerous for me to wear fame’s shackles, so I say “no thanks”. I love your “wondering and wandering” through this piece–Brava!

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  2. I apologize if this is a duplicate comment. The blogger vs. wordpress war continues. I’m pretty sure there is no winner.
    I always enjoyed wandering and thinking, especially on a wooded path. However, my sciatica limits my ability to do this very well any more, so I have to wander in my mind instead.

    Cie from poetryofthenetherworld dot blogspot dot com

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    • I don’t seem to see a duplicate comment … I’m doing more and more of my wandering in my imagination myself … but the woods are still lovely … thanks for reading and dropping by 🙂


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  4. An interesting point you make about achieving recognition.I think the most important thing is being
    acknowledged by those whose work you admire. To me this is the highest form of recognition.

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  5. Seems like I’m gonna repeat what has already been said lol, but I too like the thyme of this. I love the way the word play dances between wondering and wandering. Fabulous work!


  6. Really suggestive of the way that the spirit and heart longs for recognition – denied or acclaimed – would it translate to the same – the need to be seen, heard, and accepted – whether it’s through our creations or as people, with enduring thoughts, points to be made, considerations.

    It is easy to wander and wonder – wonder and wander – especially if we find ourselves “faceless and nameless” in moments.

    thoughtful write Georgia 🙂

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    • I enjoyed your profound considerations .. yes we probably seek recognition and acceptance indeed an enduring place in creation … though some might not find it easy to wander and wonder … especially if they feel “faceless and nameless”. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

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  7. What a beautiful post, cara! Wonder or wandering? perhaps your early morning walks trigger your muse. Sometimes I just seem to stare at my screen and realize it’s time to get to work and only write after midnight when I get back or not. The video is captivating…Loreena sings like an angel.


in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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