OctPoWriMo Poem 4 – Modified Echo Poem – October 4, 2015

macro rain

Morning Rain

beating on a Plexiglas roof  this morning – rainfall
a concert of drips, wind and rhythmic drops
with a growing crescendo – down the gutter – waters flowing
impetuous the whooshing and splashing – cause me to arise

thus arising I go to my loggia – falling rain drops glisten
plic,  plonk, drip drip, toc tick tocks …
a chiming of the hour and now my computer hums
I write to these percussion beats this early autumn refrain
… morning rain

© G.s.k. ‘15

One of the most interesting aspects of OctPoWriMo is being able to encounter many poets from around the world but also there’s the chance to learn a new form or technique.

I read a lovely verse written by Bohemian Nerd … in a form I’d never heard of … the only thing I’ve changed (because sometimes I personalize forms to fit my needs) was to eliminate the word – echo – which is repeated throughout the poem … leaving the echoes and ending the poem with two words instead of one. (Echo Poem) Here’s the link to the original poem that inspired me to write this modified version: “Patience” by Bohemian Nerd .

43 thoughts on “OctPoWriMo Poem 4 – Modified Echo Poem – October 4, 2015

  1. It rained here today after a very long dry spell. It was so peaceful, cool and pleasant. I actually managed to sleep reasonably well this afternoon. (I work nights, so I have the challenge of trying to sleep well during the day, which is harder if it’s too warm.)
    Your poem and picture reflect the beauty that only a rainy day can bring. I can almost hear and smell the rain when I read it. 🙂

    poetryofthenetherworld dot blogspot dot com

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    • Thanks .. daylight sleeping is not an easy thing to do … especially if its warm! I actually like rain (now and then) and find the rain sounds calming … this morning on my loggia I enjoyed listening to the various plic plocs, and whooshings … it was fascinating to hear how in one spot there was a constant dripping sound whilst in another there’d be a long interval and then (I guess the accumulation of water would overflow) a splashing sound like someone emptying a bucket … how I wish I could have described the scene .. it really was like a concert.


  2. Its been raining here too! We’re at the tail end of the monsoon, here in India, but still getting some great rainfall. Loved the way this piece sounds when I read it in my head. Interesting and melodious form.


    • Oh … I never realized you lived in India, I remember the rainy seasons in Africa, and was so happy when they were over 😉 …I’m glad you this poem, I enjoyed writing this one a lot … love playing with sounds!

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  4. Another new form to try! You’re absolutely right about these challenges. The wealth of talent out there is amazing. I think I’m enjoying that part as much as writing.
    I love your take on this poetic form. Being a lover of rain and storms, I found this was spot on.


  5. We’ve had much rain here over the last few days and this is very fitting. I love the sounds in the poem and the form is new to me, too. I definitely like the opportunity to visit other folks’ pages and see their poetry, what they do with the prompts, etc. So glad i signed on for this.

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  6. Lovely, musical, rhythmic… I feel and hear the echo of the rain. Thanks for the link to the original. In only 4 days I’ve learned new forms. ‘Gotta love that.


  7. Lovely! Your soul echoes through each of your works and this one was no exception. I too enjoy meeting new people and learning of new forms. Than you for being a part of #OctPoWriMo

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    • It’s really a pleasure to be here … and I’m happy to say this is my third year, I’ve noticed that there seem to be many more poets writing than a couple of years ago here 🙂 And thanks for the lovely compliment!

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